Mecalux as a provider of global e-commerce solutions

The Easy WMS software allows Tradeinn to efficiently control its growing volume of data and stock.

Mecalux as a provider of global e-commerce solutions

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Tradeinn is an internationally recognized e-commerce firm that sells sports equipment.

With its headquarters in Celrà, Girona (Spain), Tradeinn began doing business in 1997. Today, it has 13 online specialty stores. Year after year, the company has been growing and developing, reaching some incredible numbers:

  • 13 Specialty online shops
  • More than 1,000,000 SKUs for sale
  • Sales in 220 countries
  • 1,000,000 customers
  • Averaging 2,000 orders per day

Since its inception, Tradeinn has relied on Mecalux as a provider of global e-commerce solutions.

DAVID MARTIN (CEO at Tradeinn)
Mecalux has been an essential partner in our growth during the different stages that we have gone through these past 6 years, in which our sales have multiplied by 40. Because they have helped both in supplying racks for each warehouse we have been located in and also with the radio frequency software, Easy. The truth is that “Easy” has helped us enormously in managing more than a million products in our catalog and in reducing the costs of preparing a package, which is very important in the case of an e-commerce company.

The warehouse is 1.73 acres in size, equipped with picking racks that are adjustable to any product size, from skis to wetsuits, and they are set up for future growth.

The management of the warehouse with the Easy WMS system allows Tradeinn to efficiently control its growing volume of data and stock.

Ramon Alvarez - CLO (Chief Logistics Officer)
Which meant the implementation of Mecalux Easy at Tradeinn was to "streamline", i.e. knowing at all times what we have, where we have it and how we have to prepare it. We now turn over the same volume in a single month as we did in the whole of 2011. We realized that we had to integrate a warehouse management software when we moved because traditional management was impossible.

Tradeinn’s objective is that when a user clicks the "Proceed to Checkout" button a process starts that is completed when they receive the correct product at their home, on time.

The most important stages of this process are in the management of stock and the fulfillment of orders.

This involves different actions controlled by Easy WMS, such as:

  • Reception of material and new releases in the product master records…
  • Streamlining of the operator’s movements…
  • Inventory in real time…
  • And cross docking.

Ramon Alvarez - CLO (Chief Logistics Officer)
One of the developments, which has been very successful, is our cross dock, which allows us to receive and dispatch material without it being put into the racks, minimizing time, costs and operations.

Averaging 2,000 orders per day, speed and accuracy in preparing orders is the most important process. Tradeinn defines its business as "a pick it and package it factory".

Ramon Alvarez - CLO (Chief Logistics Officer)
We can easily absorb the growth that the company is experiencing, as the software can withstand it, manage it and there is no problem. In terms of inputs, we are receiving 80% more than last year. In terms of outputs, we are shipping out 70% more than last year. The integration of stock in the last inventory was 99.98%. Easy has everything under control, even all our parameters, and helps us to accomplish everything on time.

To be able to carry out large scale preparation of products, Tradeinn has reconfigured parceling operations, doing up the task on tables instead. To further increase productivity, Easy WMS allows for order picking by waves: currently, the customer can launch 600 orders at the same time.

The features of EASY WMS also enable the management of point of sale stores, whether they have their own stock or not, as is the case with the store Tradeinn runs next to its logistics center, which is treated as another customer.

DAVID MARTIN (CEO at Tradeinn)
We chose Mecalux as a partner because of the strong reputation that the company has in the sector. We started to work putting up parts of the racks a bit at a time, when we needed to install a software we examined several options and Easy was the one we liked the most. And as we already had good referrals and we had worked with Mecalux previously, we decided to go ahead with them.

By choosing this storage solution and the Mecalux Easy WMS management system, Tradeinn was provided with the flexibility, versatility and response capability necessary to adapt to the relentless innovation that the e-commerce sector experiences, becoming a business leader in continuous development and growth.