Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems AS/RS

Automated storage and retrieval systems for managing and optimizing the storage, preparation and dispatch of goods.

  • Pallet Shuttle

    Pallet Shuttle

    Semi-automatic high-density storage system for easy loading and unloading of goods from an electric shuttle.

  • Movirack Mobile Racks

    Movirack Mobile Racks

    With the Movirack mobile shelving system, units become more compact and storage capacity considerably increases.

  • AS/RS Stacker Cranes for Pallets

    AS/RS Stacker Cranes for Pallets

    Automated warehouse system designed to increase capacity, reliability and performance while allowing direct access to each pallet.

  • Pallet Conveyor Systems

    Pallet Conveyor Systems

    Set of elements designed for transporting, accumulating and/or distributing goods to specific positions required by the logistics operations.

  • AS/RS Trilateral Stacker Cranes

    AS/RS Trilateral Stacker Cranes

    Designed for flexibility within an automated storage and retrieval system, the MT0 stacker crane uses a trilateral extraction system and can reach almost 50 feet.

  • AS/RS for Boxes - Miniload System

    AS/RS for Boxes - Miniload System

    Automated warehouse system for boxes which includes the racking, machinery and management software in a single product.

  • Box Conveyor Systems

    Box Conveyor Systems

    The distances within an installation can be covered by different transport devices, which are combined with requirements of functionality and frequency.

  • Rack Supported Buildings

    Rack Supported Buildings

    A large warehouse in which the rack system is integrated into the building during construction.

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