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  • The warehouses of 3PL providers stand out for their versatility and robustness

    3PL: advantages to outsourcing logistics

    22 Jan 2021

    3PL (third-party logistics) refers to the logistics services a company outsources to a provider. These providers also take care of goods transportation and storage tasks, among others.

  • Truck loading is the process of placing goods onto the transportation vehicle

    Optimize truck loading with software

    21 Jan 2021

    Implementing digital solutions, such as a WMS that incorporates the truck loading feature, has become essential for ensuring productivity and eliminating overcost in the warehouse.

  • In warehouses, drones could manage inventory, locating each item

    Drones take off in the logistics sector

    19 Jan 2021

    Drones in logistics would have two very different applications: streamlining order deliveries and facilitating warehouse management (inventory, maintenance, goods movements, etc.).

  • Overstock occurs due to poor planning among the various links in the supply chain

    Overstock: how to avoid it

    18 Jan 2021

    Overstock in the warehouse can lead to serious overcosts and logistics errors for a company. In this post, we’ll explain what overstock is, how it’s generated, and how to put an end to it.

  • MRP: a production process milestone

    15 Jan 2021

    MRP (material requirements planning) systems calculate the raw materials required and the amount of finished product to be manufactured. These systems cut costs and increase productivity.

  • Unitization takes place in a warehouse's goods receipt and dispatch processes

    Unitization: ensuring load safety

    14 Jan 2021

    Unitization is a key supply chain process consisting of properly preparing the goods to facilitate their storage, handling, and transfer.

  • A WCS is software charged with coordinating movements between the warehouse's automatic equipment

    Warehouse control systems: calling the shots

    13 Jan 2021

    A warehouse control system (WCS) is a system that manages the automated elements in an installation. The software receives instructions from the WMS and coordinates the machinery in the warehouse in o ...