Warehouse Organization & Design

Searching for the tools and ideas to design an expert warehouse floor plan? Discover how to maximize space and productivity with the latest technology in racking and automated systems.

  • The just-in-case (JIC) inventory management strategy consists of storing goods and raw materials ahead of time

    Just-in-case logistics: the alternative to JIT

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    Just-in-case logistics: this production and inventory strategy consists of producing and storing finished goods in advance, as opposed to responding to the demand for each product.

  • Elastic logistics is the ability to modify operating costs to adapt to fluctuations in demand

    What is elastic logistics?

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    Elastic logistics is a trend increasingly seen in all economic sectors, especially the retail industry, where fluctuations in demand are very common.

  • Gamification is a work strategy based on play and entertainment techniques to achieve strategic objectives

    Benefits of gamification tools in logistics

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    Gamification tools are implemented through actions such as contests, more fun and intuitive software interfaces, and periodic challenges, among many others.

  • The EOQ (economic order quantity) formula aims to optimize orders in a warehouse

    EOQ formula: the key to optimal stock management

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    EOQ formula: the economic order quantity formula is used to calculate when and in what quantity a product should be procured so as to optimize a company’s orders. We’ll show you how it can benefit you ...

  • Supply chain management comprises the organization of flows of goods and services between companies

    Supply chain management: the key to efficiency

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    Supply chain management refers to the organization of the flows of goods and services that play a part in the design, creation, storage, sale, and delivery of a product.

  • Poka-yoke is a work method aimed at eliminating errors in production and  logistics processes

    Poka-yoke explained in 5 examples

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    The poka-yoke method, which is especially useful in logistics, aims to prevent mistakes in operations and, if they do occur, minimize their consequences.

  • The application of continuous improvement techniques guarantees logistics cost savings and increased warehouse productivity

    Continuous improvement: applications in logistics

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    Implementing continuous improvement methods makes it possible to identify and eliminate inefficiencies in logistics processes. But how can you improve the day-to-day running of your warehouse with the ...

  • A resilient supply chain is capable of overcoming disruption

    Supply chain resilience: how to achieve it

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    A resilient supply chain is one that responds effectively to all types of disruptions that may interrupt its operation, from natural phenomena to technology issues.

  • Intralogistics 4.0 represents the implementation of technology in the various warehouse processes

    Intralogistics: a competitive advantage

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    Intralogistics is the supply-chain working area comprising efficient flows of raw materials and finished products within a company.

  • Palletization is key for ensuring the safety of loads in the warehouse

    Palletization: the importance of getting it right

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    Palletization is the logistics process consisting of placing goods together on top of a pallet to consolidate the load, making it easier for the handling equipment to transport it.

  • There are various types logistics depending on the stage products are in at a given time

    Types of logistics in the supply chain

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    The various types of logistics serve to classify the processes through which a product goes. You need to know the characteristics of each operation to optimize it and gain greater throughput.

  • On-demand warehousing is the evolution of traditional 3PL services

    On-demand warehousing for more flexible logistics

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    On-demand warehousing began as a trend whereby businesses outsource operations, such as the storage and dispatch of certain orders, for a short period of time.

  • Overstock occurs due to poor planning among the various links in the supply chain

    Overstock: how to avoid it

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    Overstock in the warehouse can lead to serious overcosts and logistics errors for a company. In this post, we’ll explain what overstock is, how it’s generated, and how to put an end to it.

  • Unitization takes place in a warehouse's goods receipt and dispatch processes

    Unitization: ensuring load safety

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    Unitization is a key supply chain process consisting of properly preparing the goods to facilitate their storage, handling, and transfer.

  • The minimum order quantity is a supplier's only guarantee of making any production process profitable

    MOQ (minimum order quantity): striking a balance

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    Minimum order quantity (MOQ): it’s possible to negotiate this with suppliers to reduce the initial outlay, minimize storage costs, and avoid warehouse overstocking.

  • The logistics manager is responsible for supervising and managing all processes that take place in a warehouse

    Logistics manager: profile of a key role

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    Logistics manager is a position of great responsibility in any company, regardless of sector, as this key figure’s role is to manage all processes taking place in the warehouse.

  • Cleanrooms: how to eliminate contaminants

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    Cleanrooms are completely isolated working areas in which air cleanliness levels, pressure, and temperature are controlled to prevent microorganisms from entering and potentially damaging the products ...

  • Multilevel logistics platforms are designed to maximize storage space in urban environments

    Multistory warehouses: the solution to scarce floor space?

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    Multistory warehouses: our article delves into this new trend affecting the design and construction of logistics centers. We’ll give you an overview of what they are, their purpose, and their advantag ...

  • Allocazione delle risorse all’interno del magazzino

    Warehouse slotting: how to hit the jackpot

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    Warehouse slotting strategies determine the way products are organized in the installation to optimize space and movements. Find out which are the most common.

  • Warehouse layout: designing it from the ground up

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    Warehouse layout: when designing this, you have to strike a balance between flows of people and materials, goods accessibility, available space, and stock throughput. How can you do this?

  • Spare parts warehouse: how should you organize it?

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    Spare parts warehouse: organizing one optimally means being able to prepare a large volume of orders simultaneously and managing an immense inventory. We'll show you how to do this in our article.

  • Chaotic warehousing: pros and cons

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    Although the name may be misleading, selecting warehouse locations in a chaotic style actually follows a very strict order. Here, you will learn about the advantages of this goods organization system ...

  • Best-in-class warehousing zones

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    Where does my warehouse offer opportunities for improvement? In this post, you will get some tips on how to optimize the main zones of a warehouse.

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    What is cross-docking? Types and how it works

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    Knowing what cross-docking is in terms of warehouse operations allows you to evaluate its suitability for your business. Discover how it works and the most widespread types of cross-docking.

  • Embracing cross-docking: 3 success stories

    Published by Interlake Mecalux

    In theory, cross-docking has the capacity to speed up logistics operations. However, in actual fact: Which companies use cross-docking? Here are 3 examples of how cross-docking is used successfully.

  • General view of a warehouse

    Why choose us to draw up your logistics layout?

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    Discover the reasons why you should get in touch with our team to create your warehouse layout and your global storage project. Interlake Mecalux will help you climb the ladder to success.

  • Three steps to an optimized industrial facility design

    Three steps to an optimized industrial facility design

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    If you follow these three steps, you will have all the essential tools to define the best layout and get an optimized warehouse. Use our tips to give priority to this important initial design phase of ...

  • Rethink the warehouse’s design

    When should you rethink your warehouse’s design?

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    Is your warehouse layout optimized or not? How about your logistics flows? Is the competition more efficient? Interlake Mecalux will help you know when to rethink your warehouse’s design.

  • Organisation des zones d’un entrepôt

    Four tips for a better-organized warehouse

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    Do you want to revise how your warehouse is organized but don’t know where to start? Follow our tips, and your company’s productivity will increase: a real time saver for everyone.