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Warehouse Organization & Design

Searching for the tools and ideas to design an expert warehouse floor plan? Discover how to maximize space and productivity with the latest technology in racking and automated systems.

  • Chaotic warehousing: pros and cons

    Published by Mecalux

    Although the name may be misleading, selecting warehouse locations in a chaotic style actually follows a very strict order. Here, you will learn about the advantages of this goods organization system ...

  • Best-in-class warehousing zones

    Published by Mecalux

    Where does my warehouse offer opportunities for improvement? In this post, you will get some tips on how to optimize the main zones of a warehouse.

  • What is cross-docking? Types and how it works

    Published by Mecalux

    Knowing what cross-docking is in terms of warehouse operations allows you to evaluate its suitability for your business. Discover how it works and the most widespread types of cross-docking.

  • Embracing cross-docking: 3 success stories

    Published by Mecalux

    In theory, cross-docking has the capacity to speed up logistics operations. However, in actual fact: Which companies use cross-docking? Here are 3 examples of how cross-docking is used successfully.

  • General view of a warehouse

    Why choose us to draw up your logistics layout?

    Published by Mecalux

    Discover the reasons why you should get in touch with our team to create your warehouse layout and your global storage project. Interlake Mecalux will help you climb the ladder to success.

  • Étapes de conception d’un bâtiment industriel optimisé

    Three steps to an optimized industrial facility design

    Published by Mecalux

    If you follow these three steps, you will have all the essential tools to define the best layout and get an optimized warehouse. Use our tips to give priority to this important initial design phase of ...

  • Zones in a warehouse

    When should you rethink your warehouse’s design?

    Published by Mecalux

    Is your warehouse layout optimized or not? How about your logistics flows? Is the competition more efficient? Interlake Mecalux will help you know when to rethink your warehouse’s design.

  • Organisation des zones d’un entrepôt

    Four tips for a better-organized warehouse

    Published by Mecalux

    Do you want to revise how your warehouse is organized but don’t know where to start? Follow our tips, and your company’s productivity will increase: a real time saver for everyone.