Industrial Storage Systems

Learn about the latest technologies in warehouse racking. From flow racks or mezzanines to automated storage and retrieval systems to ensure all materials are safely stocked and handled.

  • Honeycombing in the warehouse consists of the loss of effective space in the storage systems

    What is the honeycombing effect in a warehouse?

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    Honeycombing consists of a loss of effective storage capacity due to the type of storage system used, the slotting method, or the product characteristics.

  • Logistics hubs are logistics facilities located in privileged spots

    Logistics hub: Dispatch and Shipping 4.0

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    Logistics hubs are logistics areas in prized locations, preferably close to big cities or in major communication hubs, such as ports or airports.

  • Cold store racking: all you need to know

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    Cold storage racks are solutions that facilitate the handling of goods stored at a controlled temperature, such as food and medicine.

  • Pick and place: robots never tire

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    Pick and place is an operation that consists of retrieving items and putting them in another place (generally, some sort of packing). Robots can be used to boost throughput in this process.

  • Multi-tier shelving: leveraging warehouse height

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    Multi-tier shelving consists of multi-level manual storage systems equipped with one or more aisles supported by the racking, allowing operators to access all the levels.

  • Cold chain: never break the chain

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    Cold chain logistics manages highly sensitive goods and, thus, faces unique challenges. We take a look at the key work areas for effective cold chain management.

  • Chemical warehousing challenges and success stories

    Chemical warehousing: challenges and success stories

    Published by Interlake Mecalux

    Chemical warehousing: what to consider when designing and equipping your installation We’ll show you some warehousing projects we launched and the various solutions adopted.

  • Outdoor warehouses: tips and solutions

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    Find out what you should take into account when choosing handling equipment for open-air warehouses and industrial outdoor storage in our article.

  • Comparing compact storage systems

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    Within the compact storage category, you will find a series of subsystems with differentiating characteristics. We show you a complete comparison between them.

  • How to store tires successfully

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    We discuss the challenges faced by tire and rubber product warehouses. How should they be configured to ensure optimal product conditions and safety?

  • Warehouse space purposing: tips and strategies

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    How to optimize warehouse space without a building project Here are some of the key strategies for improving effective storage capacity in your installation.

  • Industrial rack types for warehouses

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    A huge variety of industrial racks are available. Which are the main ones? What are their features? Here we give you a relevant overview of our most used items.

  • Push-back racking system applied to a sacks warehouse

    What are the advantages of push-back racking?

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    Using a LIFO product rotation strategy and searching for how to optimize space utilization and product handling? The advantage of the push-back racking system is it can achieve both, and much more.

  •  Push-back racks installed in a warehouse as a flow racking system

    Flow Racking Systems: Increase turnover & keep things moving

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    Reduce handling times and labor costs while improving picking processes with the implementation of flow racking systems. Read about these advanced storage units and how they can maximize productivity.

  • Cantilever racks: a warehouse-friendly guide

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    Why store long loads or pipes on cantilever racks? When should I use them? Our professionals hammer out all the essentials of this storage solution.

  • FIFO and LIFO System Diagram

    What are FIFO & LIFO Inventory Management Systems?

    Published by Interlake Mecalux

    How does the priority of product picking affect the organization of a warehouse and the types of shelving used? What should you consider when choosing between FIFO and LIFO systems?

  • Inventory counts

    Perpetual, yearly, or cycle inventory counts?

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    What are the different ‘physical’ inventory types? Why use one type and not the other? Mecalux takes a look at the advantages of each one and helps you decide which will adapt to your supply chain log ...

  • Industrial racks in a warehouse

    Industrial racking: the logistics choice

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    There are many industrial racks on the market: for pallets, boxes, etc. This article presents some alternatives so you can equip your warehouse with the help of the best logistics material.

  • Armazenamento de mercadorias perecíveis

    What are the different types of stock?

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    Discover different types of stock in logistics: expiration dated, function, operational setup, value, etc. Anything and everything a logistics operator should know, all in the palm of your hand.

  • Optimaal ingerichte industriële opslagsystemen

    Industrial Storage: How to be a skilled product organizer

    Published by Interlake Mecalux

    Before slotting goods in your warehouse, steps must be taken to store them logically and optimally. Through smart thinking and just the right organization, your logistics center’s productivity will be ...