Warehouse Automation

Learn about automated material handling & how to reduce costs with safe product management and delivery. Discover the benefits of stacker cranes, conveyor systems, pallet shuttles & mobile racks.

  • Flexible automation consists of implementing storage solutions that adapt to customer demands

    Flexible automation in the warehouse

    Published by Interlake Mecalux

    Flexible automation is based on the design and implementation of personalized automated warehouses adapted to the logistics requirements and specific demands of each customer.

  • Automated warehouse systems are a trend that's taken logistics by storm

    6 automated warehouse system trends you need to know

    Published by Interlake Mecalux

    Warehouse automation systems are an alternative chosen by many companies from all sectors that are looking to increase their competitiveness and improve the level of service they offer.

  • Automated logistics comprises the introduction of new technologies to reach maximum efficiency in operations inside and outside the warehouse

    Automated logistics: distant future or at full force now?

    Published by Interlake Mecalux

    Automated logistics comprises the introduction and consolidation of all kinds of technologies in the phases that make up the supply chain. Solutions such as autonomous robots and automated storage and ...

  • Automating your warehouse is the best solution for boosting productivity and efficiency in your facility

    Automate your warehouse: a step-by-step guide

    Published by Interlake Mecalux

    Automate your warehouse: this will enable you to optimize logistics costs and increase efficiency as well as safety. Here is our step-by-step guide on how to automate your warehouse.

  • Warehouse robots speed up storage and order prep tasks and make them more efficient

    Warehouse robots: technology automates logistics

    Published by Interlake Mecalux

    Warehouse robots boost the productivity, accuracy and speed of operations. Companies are turning to this technology to drive their supply chains forward.

  • Logistics automation significantly increases efficiency in the warehouse

    Logistics automation: the road to maximum efficiency

    Published by Interlake Mecalux

    Logistics automation: equipping a warehouse with automated storage and transportation systems ensures maximum efficiency, reducing operating costs and eliminating errors stemming from manual intervent ...

  • Both AMRs and AVGs are efficient automated goods transportation systems

    AMR vs. AGV: differences and which is better

    Published by Interlake Mecalux

    AMR vs. AGV: these automated transportation systems streamline the internal transportation of goods between two areas in a logistics center, saving time and reducing accidents.

  • A pallet lift is a logistics solution thatserves to connect warehouse areas of different heights

    Pallet lifts and vertical conveyors in the warehouse

    Published by Interlake Mecalux

    Pallet lift: its main function is to connect the areas in the warehouse located at different heights, among other tasks. It can be operated manually or can comprise an automated vertical conveyor.

  • Automation helps businesses to boost productivity and provide more agile and efficient customer service

    Examples of automated storage & retrieval systems

    Published by Interlake Mecalux

    Examples of automated storage & retrieval systems: 5 cases of solutions installed for companies from different sectors and countries and with very diverse logistics needs.

  • The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated automation plans for all kinds of companiese compañías

    Automation and coronavirus: speeding up logistics

    Published by Interlake Mecalux

    Automation and coronavirus: to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies have turned to automation to boost their productivity and maintain social distancing between staff.

  • Automated storage and retrieval systems carry out advanced, safe goods management

    Advantages of automated storage and retrieval systems

    Published by Interlake Mecalux

    Advantages of automated storage and retrieval systems: AS/RS solutions enable businesses from all sectors to efficiently manage pallets and/or boxes with the help of automated handling equipment.

  • Hayat Kimya's rack-supported warehouse is one of the largest in Europe

    Innovation in logistics: 5 real examples

    Published by Interlake Mecalux

    Innovation in logistics: Interlake Mecalux has extensive experience in this field, adapting to the storage needs of any company and getting the most throughput out of its warehouse operations.

  • Stacker-crane-types-warehouse

    Stacker cranes: which type is best for your warehouse?

    Published by Interlake Mecalux

    Stacker cranes: there are various types on the market, charged with inserting and extracting goods in and from their locations completely autonomously and without operator intervention.

  • Collaborative robots focus on the most repetitive tasks that take place in the warehouse

    Cobots: at your service in the warehouse

    Published by Interlake Mecalux

    Cobots, together with the implementation of warehouse management systems, will raise efficiency and productivity in logistics installations. In this post, we analyze the effect that cobots will have o ...

  • Stacker cranes slot and remove goods automatically

    AS/RS warehouse: safe loading and full autonomy

    Published by Interlake Mecalux

    In an AS/RS warehouse, stacker cranes are responsible for inserting and removing goods from their locations with full autonomy and minimal operator intervention.

  • A cold storage warehouse is a logistics installation that uses cold to preserve goods

    Cold storage automation and design

    Published by Interlake Mecalux

    Cold storage automation consists of implementing robots and/or other automated systems such as conveyors or stacker cranes in a cold storage warehouse.

  • Automation has established itself as the most appropriate solution for improving e-commerce logistics

    E-commerce automation: this is how it’s done

    Published by Interlake Mecalux

    To meet challenges such as the last mile and personalized deliveries, e-commerce warehouses demand automated solutions that ensure maximum productivity and efficiency.

  • Motorized roller conveyors make goods transportation safer and more agile

    Motorized roller conveyors: when to install them

    Published by Interlake Mecalux

    Motorized roller conveyors speed up the internal transportation of goods. Used in both automated and traditional warehouses, they boost efficiency, save time, and cut costs.

  • Robotic process automation or RPA uses bots to interact with computers

    RPA: what is robotic process automation in logistics?

    Published by Interlake Mecalux

    RPA: bots that incorporate robotic process automation technology perform a host of tasks efficiently, reducing costs, boosting productivity, and increasing end-customer satisfaction.

  • Automatic truck loading and unloading systems bring agility and safety to the warehouse docking area

    Automatic truck loading and unloading systems

    Published by Interlake Mecalux

    Automatic truck loading and unloading systems can be used to automate the docking area. They make the process more agile and ensure the integrity of both the operators and the goods.

  • Industrial robotic arms fulfill functions similar to those of human arms

    Industrial robotic arms take the wheel

    Published by Interlake Mecalux

    Industrial robotic arms are devices that operate much like a human arm. In this post, we’ll examine their main functions in production and logistics.

  • In warehouses, drones could manage inventory, locating each item

    Drones take off in the logistics sector

    Published by Interlake Mecalux

    Drones in logistics would have two very different applications: streamlining order deliveries and facilitating warehouse management (inventory, maintenance, goods movements, etc.).

  • A WCS is software charged with coordinating movements between the warehouse's automatic equipment

    Warehouse control systems: calling the shots

    Published by Interlake Mecalux

    A warehouse control system (WCS) is a system that manages the automated elements in an installation. The software receives instructions from the WMS and coordinates the machinery in the warehouse in o ...

  • Dock to stock begins when the warehouse receives the goods at the loading dock and ends once they have been stored on the racks

    Dock to stock: efficiency starts at the loading dock

    Published by Interlake Mecalux

    Dock to stock: efficiency in this process helps to increase warehouse throughput. Cutting cycle times is possible through the implementation of automated storage systems and digital tools.

  • Dark warehouses: say hello to full automation

    Published by Interlake Mecalux

    Dark warehouses are installations in which no lighting is required: all processes taking place in them are fully automated, doing away with the need for human intervention.

  • Smart factories: the way of the future

    Published by Interlake Mecalux

    Production plants are seeking to become smart factories with the help of smart automation and digitalization. What are the characteristics and advantages of smart factories?

  • Industry 4.0: the Fourth Industrial Revolution

    Published by Interlake Mecalux

    Industry 4.0: what’s it all about? Industry 4.0: find out in our article how this is affecting logistics organization and which technologies are playing a major role in the Fourth Industrial Revolutio ...

  • Digitalization of logistics

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    Digitalization applied to logistics refers to all the implications of technological developments for the way companies operate and for the overall supply chain.

  • Industrial process automation takes off

    Published by Interlake Mecalux

    Industrial process automation constitutes the transfer of functions performed by an operator to a programmable electronic system. What are the trends in warehousing logistics? We’ll show you.

  • Industrial maintenance in automated warehouses

    Published by Interlake Mecalux

    Industrial maintenance: this is one of the most common concerns when automating an installation. We’ll show you the options you have with Interlake Mecalux.

  • Warehouse robotics in the Logistics 4.0 era

    Published by Interlake Mecalux

    A robotized or automated warehouse is one that has automatic systems and specialized software to control and handle the goods. Here, we show you the most established systems in the sector.

  • Roller conveyors: a complete in-warehouse guide

    Published by Interlake Mecalux

    Roller conveyors are an industrial system designed to transport, accumulate and distribute goods in a warehouse. Here are their main in-warehouse applications.

  • Which warehouse processes can be automated?

    Published by Interlake Mecalux

    How to streamline operations, increase quality and reduce costs Automating certain warehouse processes is the key to achieving it: see for yourself.

  • 3 smart warehouses designed by us

    Published by Interlake Mecalux

    These intelligent warehouse projects show the versatility of automated system in conjunction with a WMS like our Easy WMS. Discover how we helped Bem Brasil, Trumpler and GKN Driveline.

  • E

    How does an AS/RS work?

    Published by Interlake Mecalux

    It is impossible to answer the question of how an AS/RS works without talking about automatable operations beforehand and the systems required to do so.

  • AS/RS fitted out with conveyors and stacker cranes

    Logistics automation: reeling in a quick ROI

    Published by Interlake Mecalux

    Why automate your warehouse? Interlake Mecalux does the math and explains how automated logistics works: it will save you time and money.

  • Warehouse using industrial conveyors for continuous material handling

    Continuous Material Handling 101

    Published by Interlake Mecalux

    What is continuous material handling? What makes it different from traditional handling? What sectors can use it? Our warehouse professionals will give you the big picture.

  •  Industrial conveyors for logistics warehouses

    Industrial conveyors: tricks of the trade

    Published by Interlake Mecalux

    What types of conveyors are there? What questions should you ask yourself before purchasing an in-warehouse conveyor system? Discover how you can find the perfect model for your logistics warehouse.

  • Automated warehouse equipped with conveyors

    Automated warehouse vs. Traditional warehouse

    Published by Interlake Mecalux

    Has the competition already automated their warehouses? What solution is a best fit for you? Get to know the different levels in logistics automation to stay on the cutting edge of technology.

  • Los beneficios de la gestión inteligente de un almacén

    How to optimize your logistics

    Published by Interlake Mecalux

    Would you like to fulfil customer needs and optimize your logistics? Weigh these issues and you might find these solutions will make you more efficient than the competition.

  • Workers walking and discussing the warehouse technologies of the future

    Warehouse Technology and Advancements

    Published by Interlake Mecalux

    Prepare yourself for the future of warehouse technology and logistics. See how the Internet of things (IoT) and the analysis of big data are shaping the future of supply chain logistics.

  • A warehouse where automatic and manual storage systems are combined

    Manual & Automated Storage Systems Compared

    Published by Interlake Mecalux

    Want to know more about the pros and cons of manual and automated systems? Learn about the fundamentals of each operational strategy and explore how to take advantage of each for your warehouse.