Interlake Mecalux: a global company

Interlake Mecalux: a global company

Production Plants

Sales network

Robotics and automation technology centers

Chicago (USA)

Research and development center for racks and structures.

Barcelona (Spain)

Research center for automated equipment.

Gijón (Spain)

Robotics product development.

Gliwice (Poland)

Center for research and innovation on stacker cranes.

Software development technology centers

Gijón (Spain)

Warehouse management software development.

Salamanca (Spain)

Exclusively dedicated to the development of software solutions.

Badajoz (Spain)

Warehouse management software research center.

Production Centers

Chicago (USA)

587,000 sq ft

Pontiac (USA)

480,000 sq ft

Sumter (USA)

250,000 sq ft

Tijuana (Mexico)

452,000 sq ft

Matamoros (Mexico)

351,000 sq ft

São Paulo (Brazil)

290,500 sq ft

Buenos Aires (Argentina)

226,000 sq ft

Barcelona (Spain)

430,500 sq ft

Hospitalet de Llobregat (Spain)

96,000 sq ft

Gijón (Spain)

570,000 sq ft

Palencia (Spain)

382,000 sq ft

Gliwice (Poland)

575,800 sq ft

Brands belonging to Mecalux Group


In December 2005, the Mecalux group exercised a purchase option on the shares of Esmena, integrating both companies in a single, common project. This strategic operation enables the consolidation and extension of the range of products and the consolidation of markets in Latin America, Europe and the USA. The new group is now the third largest storage systems supplier in the world, with an advantageous position in all markets and backed by 11 production plants in 6 countries, and a commercial presence in 16 countries. In addition, the Group's workforce now totals more than 5,000 employees.


In March 2009, Mecalux formalized the asset acquisition of the companies UFC Interlake Holding Co., United Fixtures Company Inc. and Interlake Material Handling Inc. Through this acquisition, the US operation expanded by 3 production plants, in addition to the 2 plants already serving the US (Chicago, IL and Tijuana, Mexico), which allows Mecalux to effectively cover the entire US and Mexican territories. The Mecalux group has grown from 8 existing production plants to 11 plants in total, making it one of the world leaders of capacity and technology dedicated to storage. UFC Interlake Holding Co. has historically been the market leader in the United States of America for net sales and technology. Mecalux has acquired the customer base of UFC Interlake Holding Co., including many major companies in the US. This will allow Interlake Mecalux to develop the American market and provide the best possible services to these customers in international markets as well.

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