Interlake Mecalux is among the leading companies in the storage systems market specializing in the design, manufacturing, sale and services of steel racking, warehouse automation, warehouse management software and other storage solutions. Mecalux is the leading storage company in Spain and ranks third in the world in its field, selling throughout more than 70 countries.

The company’s elite position in the market is constructed around its application of the most advanced technology in the industry, and on its extensive distribution network in Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Slovakia, Belgium, the Netherlands, the UK, Czechia, Poland, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Canada and the USA.

The Mecalux group has 11 production centres: in Spain (Barcelona, Gijon and Palencia), Poland (Gliwice), USA (Chicago, Sumter and Pontiac), Mexico (Tijuana and Matamoros), Brazil (Sao Paulo) and Argentina (Buenos Aires), each one strategically located to offer fast, flexible service to their markets.

The company’s growth and development is based on: the opening of the expansion of sales distribution networks, investment in Research & Development, our automated warehouse division, and the logistics portal Logismarket. Since the Mecalux group was founded 55 years ago, this approach has guaranteed high quality products and excellent customer service.

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