Order Fulfillment

Boost productivity and seamless operations with a customized order management system. See how implementing a retrieval & distribution process will ensure efficiency & accuracy in your facility.

  • The put-to-light order picking system speeds up picking through the use of light displays

    Put-to-light order picking technology

    Published by Interlake Mecalux

    The put-to-light system is connected to the warehouse management software to coordinate the different light devices on each location as well as operator tasks.

  • Ecommerce order fulfillment is one of the main operations in a warehouse geared towards online sales

    Ecommerce fulfillment: challenges and solutions

    Published by Interlake Mecalux

    Ecommerce fulfillment: challenges such as last-mile and same-day deliveries are forcing traditional warehouses to adapt their design to be efficient in these operations.

  • Picking is the main operation of first mile delivery

    First mile delivery: the start to a successful shipment

    Published by Interlake Mecalux

    First-mile delivery begins when an order enters the system and ends when it is loaded onto the transport truck. Its optimization is key to ensuring that the rest of the supply chain operations, especi ...

  • Flexible fulfillment makes it possible to dispatch orders from any warehouse

    Flexible fulfillment and the supply chain

    Published by Interlake Mecalux

    Flexible fulfillment: agility in order preparation and the supply chain is indispensable when it comes to delivering orders and facing sudden changes in demand.

  • A WMS is the best solution for optimizing picking lists and preparing orders successfully

    Picking list: an example applied to the warehouse

    Published by Interlake Mecalux

    A picking list is a printed digital document that includes all the information warehouse operators need to successfully prepare and dispatch customer orders.

  • The purpose of a barcode is to encode characters to more easily identify the characteristics of a product

    GS1-128 barcodes in logistics

    Published by Interlake Mecalux

    GS1-128 barcodes are a supply chain application standard of GSI Code 128 that include distribution and commercial transaction data. Find out all about its applications in logistics.

  •  Dropshipping refers to online catalog commerce by which a retailer is responsible for making the sale

    What is drop shipping? A logistics view

    Published by Interlake Mecalux

    What is drop shipping? This is one of many doors opened by e-commerce: an online sale that creates a symbiosis between the seller and the wholesaler, who each perform different parts of the sales proc ...

  • According to the person-to-product criterion, operators move around the warehouse to pick the products that make up each order

    Order processing: the key to efficient operations

    Published by Interlake Mecalux

    Efficient order processing is synonymous with success. That’s why it’s crucial to have detailed knowledge of all the elements involved to have a competitive supply chain.

  • Augmented reality applications for warehouse logistics

    Published by Interlake Mecalux

    Augmented reality and wearable technology add value to warehouse logistics. This technology frees up the hands of operators, enabling them to work quickly, comfortably, and safely.

  • Kitting: optimizing assembly in the warehouse

    Published by Interlake Mecalux

    Kitting is a process aimed at boosting assembly line productivity. It consists of compiling the materials and components necessary to manufacture a product.

  • D2C: advantages of direct-to-consumer sales

    Published by Interlake Mecalux

    The direct-to-consumer (D2C) sales model refers to manufacturing companies that sell their products directly to end customers, without the need for intermediaries.

  • Pick lists for an error-free warehouse

    Published by Interlake Mecalux

    Pick lists are used to organize the sequence for collecting products in a warehouse for their subsequent dispatch. What advantages can a WMS bring to the creation of picking lists?

  • With pick-to-cart operators go directly to the location of the products

    Pick-to-cart: when should I use it?

    Published by Interlake Mecalux

    With the pick-to-cart method, operators move to product locations using a cart, where they deposit and sort the goods. When is this picking option best?

  • Picking and packing: what's the difference?

    Published by Interlake Mecalux

    Picking and packing refer to the preparation of orders in the warehouse. However, there are nuances that set them apart. We’ll explain them to you in our article.

  • When wave picking applies

    Published by Interlake Mecalux

    Wave picking is an in-warehouse picking method. It features grouping a line of orders into a single operator route, which is allocated a set time. We’ll show you what it’s all about.

  • Safer manual picking for operators and goods

    Published by Interlake Mecalux

    Safety in manual picking is crucial to maintain operator safety and ergonomics, as well as your goods in perfect condition. At Interlake Mecalux, we give you the tools to guarantee safe manual picking ...

  • Voice picking systems: everything you need to know

    Published by Interlake Mecalux

    In our article, we describe how voice picking systems work, the advantages of using them in a warehouse and what factors to take into account before introducing them at your facility.

  • Phase into picking and order prep

    Published by Interlake Mecalux

    Knowing the different picking phases is the first step to optimizing these connected operations. In our article, we take a detailed look at what they consist of and what can be improved at each stage.

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    How do you plan logistical operations in peak season?

    Published by Interlake Mecalux

    Peak season logistics operations are characterized by high market demands and the enormous volume of orders handled: How do you prepare your warehouse so everything runs smoothly?

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    Automated picking: accelerate your pick tasks

    Published by Interlake Mecalux

    When we talk about automatic picking, we’re referring to the application of robotized systems that completely take over picking tasks (i.e., order fulfillment). What equipment does this involve? Find ...

  • A group of workers in the e-commerce warehouse trying to solve a problem with order fulfillment

    E-commerce Order Fulfillment: 5 Obstacles to Overcome

    Published by Interlake Mecalux

    Ready to tackle the challenges of e-commerce order fulfillment? Don’t let these five difficulties prevent your distribution center from taking the next step towards success.

  • Representation of goods to person order fulfillment with manual order preparation assisted by roller conveyors

    Benefits of Goods to Person Order Fulfillment

    Published by Interlake Mecalux

    Learn why so many logistics managers are gradually leaning further towards goods to person order fulfillment methods in order to effectively meet their warehouse objectives.

  • Operator picking up goods with a forklift as an example of a man-to-goods order fulfillment system

    Order Fulfillment Systems: Comparison of strategies

    Published by Interlake Mecalux

    Struggling to determine which order fulfillment system is best for your facility? Here we dissect the main characteristics of essential man-to-product and product-to-man storage and picking options.

  • Errors to avoid during order processing

    Errors to avoid during order processing

    Published by Interlake Mecalux

    Order fulfillment is major step in logistics, during which many errors can creep into the process. Additionally, customer satisfaction depends on detecting these tiny, yet vital blunders.