Labor Management System (LMS)

Labor Management System (LMS)

Make precise estimates of your workforce needs by streamlining daily operations

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Maximize your warehouse throughput

Labor Management System (LMS) objectively measures your warehouse productivity and detects improvement opportunities for your company.

The software records the optimal time to carry out each task and compares it with actual performance. The information collected by the software lets you objectively measure throughput to optimize processes in your facility.


Measuring warehouse productivity with Interlake Mecalux’s Labor Management System (LMS)

Labor Management System (LMS) predetermines the necessary resources for maximum warehouse efficiency

Operation of Labor Management System (LMS)


  • Maximized warehouse productivity.
  • Detection of improvement opportunities in workflows.
  • Workforce planning.
  • Increased operator throughput.
  • Optimal execution of tasks.
  • Comprehensive performance control.

Functions of Labor Management System (LMS)

The software analyzes the efficiency of operators, shifts, or departments in real time to identify opportunities for improvement in the warehouse.

Equipped with objective data, your company can optimize resources used to perform tasks and improve decision-making to plan for future needs.

Multi-dashboard application

Labor Management System (LMS) features a dashboard with the main KPIs according to:

  • Department
  • Work shift
  • User
  • Time
  • Process

Case Studies

Distrimotos e Integrando

Distrimotos and Integrando automate their shared warehouses with Easy WMS

Spare parts companies Distrimotos and Integrando have digitalized their two warehouses in Colombia with Mecalux’s Easy WMS software. The system controls SKU status in real time and organizes operations to boost efficiency. Read more

Distrimotos e Integrando


Megafin (3PL) digitalizes one of Colombia’s largest warehouses with Easy WMS

3PL provider Megafin has digitalized its logistics center in Colombia with Mecalux’s Easy WMS warehouse management software. Easy WMS organizes goods taking into account the food type, expiration date, and ideal storage temperature. Read more



Electrolux manages household appliances with Mecalux’s Easy WMS software

Electrolux, a world leader in household appliances, has digitized its facility in Cali (Colombia) with Easy WMS warehouse management software by Mecalux. The company’s priority is to monitor products and processes in order to make strategic improvements based on reliable data. Read more


Würth Modyf

Würth Modyf: warehouse adorned with innovation

Würth Modyf, a Spanish company specializing in workwear, corporate uniforms, and safety footwear, has renovated its supply chain. The business has moved to a new facility in Polinyà, Barcelona, equipped with the Easy WMS warehouse management system from Mecalux. Read more

Würth Modyf
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