Multi-Carrier Shipping Software

Multi-Carrier Shipping Software

Efficient packaging and labeling processes coordinated with carriers

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From the warehouse to customers: last-mile efficiency

Sending orders via multiple transportation agencies poses a real challenge for companies: it leaves them open to delivery errors that could damage their reputation.

In the e-commerce market, any incompetence in the last mile can mean a serious loss of business. Not surprisingly, companies nowadays demand agile and efficient logistics service that ensures deliveries to end customers under the terms of the sale.

To respond to this challenge, Interlake Mecalux has launched the advanced Multi-Carrier Shipping Software module for WMSs, which automates direct communication between the warehouse and the different transportation agencies.

This additional Easy WMS module is charged with organizing the various shipping processes — packaging, labeling, and transportation — to eliminate errors in these operations, guaranteeing improved service quality for end customers.

By implementing Multi-Carrier Shipping Software, businesses have comprehensive control over the entire goods dispatch process: from product packaging to tracking number notification. In addition, Multi-Carrier Shipping Software generates and prints key documentation for effective shipments: the product shipping label and corresponding delivery note.


Efficient packaging and labeling processes coordinated with carriers

Synchronization of the warehouse with the transport agencies

Advantages of Multi-Carrier Shipping Software

Integration and communication with transportation agencies Efficient management of last-mile delivery Full control of the goods dispatch process Consolidation of various carriers in one platform Automatic notification of the tracking number Order grouping by route and agency


Efficient last-mile management

Multi-Carrier Shipping Software simplifies everyday interaction with transportation agencies so that managers can focus on providing end customers with efficient, error-free service.

During the packaging process, the module automates the printing of labels and delivery notes according to the rules set by each agency. Once the operator has sealed the package, he/she transports it to the dispatch area manually or by placing it on a conveyor. In warehouses with high-intensity dispatches, sorters automatically group the packages for each of the transportation agencies by reading the label printed by Multi-Carrier Shipping Software.

The software also adds other essential information for guaranteeing effective deliveries: sequence number, address, contact info, and comments, which are all then reflected on the delivery note.

Multi-Carrier Shipping Software can manage relationships with the various agencies in two ways:

Online: Easy WMS communicates with the agency in real time, providing it with shipping information: weight, volume, and number of parcels. The carrier notifies the software that it has accepted the order and sends the data needed to create the label.

Offline: communication between the WMS and the transportation agency does not take place in real time. In this case, the software generates and periodically sends the necessary documentation to the agency according to the criteria established by the carrier.

Easy WMS’s Multi-Carrier Shipping Software works with the major carriers in each country, such as: UPS, DHL, DB Schenker, MRW, SEUR, and TNT. If your transportation agency is not already integrated into the module, the Interlake Mecalux team will propose a specific solution for your company.

Integración con diferentes empresas de transporte


Multi-Carrier Shipping Software features

  • Packaging of the items that make up the orders.
  • Printing of the delivery note for each exit order.
  • Creation of labels for the carrier.
  • Notification of the tracking number.
  • Synchronization in real time between warehouses and agencies.
  • Loading of trucks by route (Easy WMS feature).


“We have an e-commerce product line, and every day, we put together around 150 orders placed through our website. When MRW arrives at the warehouse, its carriers merely need to pick up ready orders because they have all the information in their system automatically.”


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Unipro Group


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