La Piamontesa upgrades its new automated warehouse in Argentina

Managed by Easy WMS, the warehouse is composed of the Pallet Shuttle system with stacker crane. This solution provides constant goods flows and, most notably, optimizes space to achieve a storage capacity of 2,415 pallets in merely 7,535 ft².

La Piamontesa upgrades its new automated warehouse in Argentina

Video transcription

La Piamontesa, an Argentinian company specializing in meat products, has seen an increase in the demand for its goods, making it necessary to optimize space and automate storage processes.

To do this, it has relied on the experience and professionalism of Mecalux, experts in high-density storage solutions and warehouse automation.

The technical teams of both firms got to work right away on analyzing and designing the best solution, meeting objectives, such as reducing energy consumption, and connecting the installation with the production plant.

In the end, Mecalux built the company a two-story clad-rack warehouse with a capacity of two-thousand, four-hundred-fifteen pallets.

The finished products enter the installation’s upper floor via conveyors that connect this building with the production center.

These conveyors move the pallets into the rack-supported warehouse, which is kept at a temperature appropriate for the product.

This automated installation, measuring one-hundred-forty-one feet long and forty-six feet high, is equipped with the Pallet Shuttle system with a stacker crane.

This system is charged with moving the pallets to the location assigned to them by Mecalux’s Easy WMS warehouse management software.

Goods outflows are carried out on the ground floor. There, thanks to the Easy WMS warehouse management system, fifteen pick stations manage the more than seventy-seven SKUs that make up the orders.

Easy WMS has enabled the company not only to automate its entire management process, but also to ensure accurate and thorough product traceability.

The solution implemented by Mecalux has enabled La Piamontesa to optimize its storage space, as well as condense and automate the processes necessary to achieve the company’s goals.