WMS for 3PL

WMS for 3PL

WMS for 3PL module enables third-party logistics providers to make sound decisions when storing, picking, and dispatching their customers’ orders

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Simplify and improve management with your customers

This Easy WMS module enables third-party logistics providers to make sound decisions when storing, picking, and dispatching their customers’ orders. It also makes it possible to filter warehouse stock using multiple data, e.g., expiration date, location, and quantity, among others. The software gives customers of 3PL providers remote access to the warehouse management system (WMS) used in the facility so that they can know the status of their stock in real time.

The software eliminates manual communication processes between the 3PL provider and its customers. That is, it automatically notifies customers — via email, text message, or pop-up on the WMS interface — of any change in the status of their stock.

WMS for 3PL can be complemented with the 3PL Automated Billing module to record and quantify the logistics activities performed by the logistics provider and subsequently invoiced to customers. Additionally, you can supplement it with the Directives module, which adapts specific order fulfillment processes to the particular demands of each stock owner or end customer.


  • Syncs all operations between logistics providers and their customers.
  • Improves the relationship between logistics providers and their customers, as it gives each customer transparent, secure, and restricted access to information on the stock it owns.
  • Reduces costs and eliminates errors in communication processes.
  • Allows 3PL customers access to logistics reports and dashboards (features of the Supply Chain Analytics module).

The best logistics service for customers of 3PL providers

3PL Portal functions

  • Direct interaction between logistics providers and stock owners via the Easy WMS interface.
  • Stock filtered according to different logistics attributes.
  • Customized views of Easy WMS for each customer.
  • Immediate notification to customers of events associated with the various logistics activities in the warehouse.

Secure access to the Easy WMS interface

3PL providers are charged with storing goods and carrying out operations such as product dispatch and transportation for one or more customers in a single warehouse. To ensure effective communication between logistics service providers and stock owners, Easy WMS features the 3PL Portal for secure, controlled access in real-time. In this interface, available stock is displayed and all logistics processes are recorded.

This advanced functionality can be adapted to the characteristics of each 3PL provider, giving users access to more than one warehouse and even more than one customer.

Moreover, the module creates as many unique users for a customer as needed, ensuring restricted, individualized access solely to users designated by the owner of the stock.

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3PL provider Megafin has digitalized its logistics center in Colombia with Mecalux’s Easy WMS warehouse management software. Easy WMS organizes goods taking into account the food type, expiration date, and ideal storage temperature. Read more

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