A smart warehouse for Bem Brasil

Bem Brasil has built an 82' high automated rack-supported warehouse with a capacity for more than 33,000 pallets

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Bem Brasil has partnered with storage solutions expert Mecalux to boost efficiency, productivity, and innovation in its supply chain.

Bem Brasil, a leader in the production of frozen precooked French fries, competes in the domestic market with large multinational companies in its sector.

In its production plant in Perdizes, Brazil, the business produces over 275,000 tons of frozen precooked French fries every year.

Bem Brasil started up this warehouse for raw materials and finished products based on the premises of INNOVATION, TECHNOLOGY, and PRODUCTIVITY.

After comparing proposals from several suppliers, we felt that Mecalux’s project was the one that best met our needs. It had the right technical solutions, and it was the most economically viable.

CÉLIO ZEROOperations Manager

Bem Brasil’s production center manufactures 27 and a half tons per hour of pre-fried potatoes, which requires rigorous control of the goods.

When designing the new facility, Mecalux took into account the entire pallet management process: from the time the pallets leave production and are stored until they are moved to the dispatch zone.

The warehouse built by Mecalux for Bem Brasil provides total storage capacity for 33,696 pallets, occupies an area of approximately 2.08 acres, and stands 82' tall.

We believe a constantly growing company such as ours needs to incorporate new technologies. It’s important to invest in internal logistics processes, which are a key element for the success of our production center.

CÉLIO ZEROOperations Manager

Bem Brasil chose to completely automate its supply chain to increase productivity, reliability, and safety for both the loads and people.

The energy efficiency of the automated warehouse and preservation of the cold chain greatly reduce operating costs. When implementing this project, one of Bem Brasil’s requirements was to be able to obtain information in real time on the status of its products and the warehouse. With the Easy WMS warehouse management system from Mecalux in cloud mode, this information is available online at all times. Another advantage of the new facility is its automatic connection with production; that is, it receives finished products as they leave production. Via a conveyor system, the pallets are moved inside the rack-supported warehouse, which operates at a constant temperature of -13 degrees Fahrenheit. There, they are placed in the most optimal position based on the type of product stored, the production batch, and other logistics variables.

The facility is equipped with the automated Pallet Shuttle system with stacker cranes, a solution that expands the storage capacity. The warehouse is made up of three aisles with blocks of racking on each side that can store up to eight pallets deep. Each location is managed by the Easy WMS software. To maintain the proper temperature of the freezer room, Mecalux has installed high-speed doors on all entry and exit points to prevent the passage of heat.

Pallets are dispatched automatically, thanks to the integration of Easy WMS with Bem Brasil’s ERP system.

The stacker cranes receive the picking lists from the Mecalux software. They pick the pallets and deposit them on conveyors, which move them to the preload area. There, a transfer car sorts the products into flow channels.

Labor reduction was a critical element, since working conditions in cold environments are very harsh, impacting speed, productivity, and cost.

Automation prevents employees from having to work in the freezer store. The operators only have to load the trucks, walking 13 feet at most.

With this project, we’ve accomplished everything we set out to do and then some. On an operational level, the main advantage the automated warehouse has given us is its autonomous way of working. Now, there are practically no operators in the warehouse. Another significant benefit is energy savings. We’ve noticed a huge reduction in costs, as the warehouse is kept at a controlled temperature, which is fundamental for these types of rooms.

Our efficiency is extremely high, with an error rate of nearly zero. By having automated operations, employee intervention in the warehouse is minimal. We’re really pleased with this solution because it enables us to provide our customers with excellent service.

CÉLIO ZEROOperations Manager

Mecalux has successfully met the challenges of this project, providing Bem Brasil with enhanced efficiency and productivity, lower operating costs, and more control over its operations.

For a project of this magnitude, we needed a partner with expertise in freezer warehouses and a qualified technical team that would guarantee us adequate after-sales service. The results have exceeded our expectations. Now, we couldn’t even conceive of a manual supply chain, so we’re investing in a new project with double the installed capacity.

CÉLIO ZEROOperations Manager

Mecalux: Always innovating, always offering the best solution to satisfy our customers’ needs.