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Automated miniload warehouse

The automated miniload warehouse is an automated storage system for boxes or trays

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Automated miniload warehouse

The automated miniload warehouse is an automated storage system for boxes or trays, an all-in-one installation with racks, a stacker crane, conveyors and the Easy WMS warehouse management system. It comprises one or more aisles with racks on both sides, where a stacker crane locates and extracts loads from the racks.

The picking area is located on the ends or sides of the racks. It includes conveyors where the stacker cranes deposit the loads extracted from the racks.

Once picking operations are completed, the box or tray is returned to its location.

The entire system is controlled by the Easy WMS warehouse management system, which maintains a permanent inventory in real-time.

Easy WMS. Real-time inventory

The automated miniload warehouse is ideal for companies carrying out high-paced picking.

Accelerated Picking. Miniload Solution

Optimal space usage

The automated warehouse for boxes can multiply the storage capacity of a pallet rack warehouse by 10.

The system allows optimum use of space due to it high-density storage, both lengthwise and in height.

Streamlined Picking

The stacker crane is tasked with moving the product needed to prepare orders to the picking stations. So, the operator can stay in the same place. This is a “product-to-person” system, which speeds up order prep.

High productivity

Automated warehouses for boxes provide high efficiency in input and output processes with the goods.

Cost savings - Fast return on investment

All of this contributes to cost savings and a rapid ROI.

Safety first

Workflows are done safely and easily, protecting both the load and personnel.

The miniload warehouse solution provides speed and safety. This system is suited to companies from any sector, especially those performing accelerated picking.


  • High performance.
  • Save space, time and costs.
  • Real-time inventory.
  • Maximum ergonomics & safety.
  • Accelerated Picking.