Warehouse management software Easy WMS

Easy WMS is a warehouse management software that controls and optimizes all logistic processes that take place in a warehouse in a very easy way.

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Easy WMS. Forward-looking, forward-thinking

Efficiency, control and flexibility to achieve success in the logistics supply chain.

Easy WMS, the warehouse management system developed by Mecalux Software Solutions, is the result of more than 50 years’ of experience in warehouse solutions by the Mecalux Group.

With a team of over 130 exclusive dedicated engineers, Easy WMS is a powerful management tool that is continuously developed and updated. It controls all processes within the warehouse, from reception to dispatch, guaranteeing the traceability of products, and optimizing times and costs.

Easy WMS has a very intuitive, easy to use interface and offers two deployment options for the solution: a cloud-based modality or SaaS, with a 100% web interface, and an on-premise modality.

In both cases, the client can consult the state of the services within their installation, remotely and securely, 24 hours a day.

Easy WMS is one of the warehouse management software with the most functionalities on the market.

Upon receiving the goods, the products are labeled with a barcode for their identification and control.

RF devices show operators where to store the product, how many units are left, or if they must go to cross-docking.


Easy WMS provides real-time stock control. It optimizes storage tasks, maximizes space and maintains goods in continuous order.


Speedy picking is essential for optimal customer service. In e-commerce, for example, users are demanding lightning quick, error-free shipping. Easy WMS offers different solutions for rapid and efficient picking

  • Management of picking using RF terminals or PCs.
  • Management of external devices such as pick to light, put to light and voice picking.
  • Optimization of allocations, searches and times.


The software also manages the dispatches of the warehouse. From parceling operations to shipping routes, optimizing the path of the operator, and grouping orders for preparation by waves or by areas.


Easy WMS grows and evolves with a company. The software has two optional applications, so that the user can adapt the program settings to their own needs: Easy S, for configuration, graphic design and simulation; and Easy Builder to customize everything from workflows, to reports or labels.

The implementation of the Easy WMS warehouse management system provides cost savings, improves the service quality provided to the end customer and maximizes profitability in all kinds of warehouses, from a manually operated one run by paper work or through RF, to a large automated installation.

Easy WMS. The software that adapts to your company’s growth.


  • Enhanced productivity
  • Increased speed in order preparation and dispatch
  • 40% boost in storage capacity
  • 99% reduction of input and output errors
  • Multi-owner, multi-warehouse and multilingual
  • Real-time inventory
  • Design and issue reports, and custom labels
  • Integration with any ERP
  • Rapid return on investment
  • Remote maintenance service 24 hrs. / 7 days a week (opt.)