Pallet Shuttle: Semi-automated compact storage

The system that is revolutionising high-density storage. One or more motorised carts move across the structure’s various channels, controlled using a mobile device.

Video transcription

The Mecalux Pallet Shuttle is a compact storage system designed to optimise pallet loading and unloading operations, without requiring forklift trucks reaching inside the storage lanes. 31 It is suitable for companies that big amounts of pallets for each reference and intense loading and unloading activity. It is the perfect system for cold storage warehouses.
The system comprises a structure of racks and one or more motorised carriage which are controlled via a mobile device connected to a Wi-Fi network. A single device can control up to 18 carriages.
Select the carriage from the forklift. Using a standard forklift, insert the motorised carriage in the level on which the goods will be handled. Next, check that it correctly matches the dimensions of the pallet, selecting the type of pallet to be used.
The goods are deposited on the rack (...) and the operation is launched from the device.
The Pallet Shuttle moves the pallet from the entry position until the deepest free position. Conversely, it picks up the first pallet it finds on the level and moves it until the exit position. The loading and unloading operations can be performed individually or continuously, with the option of selecting the entire track or a predetermined number of pallets.
The system includes options for compacting goods at front, and also allows for compacting at the rear.
When conducting an inventory, the carriage can be used to count the pallets.
The operators have full control over the carriage thanks to the options for cancelling orders and making an emergency stop, as well as built-in safety devices such as the bumper and the emergency stop button.
The system includes maintenance options such as moving forwards or backwards and raising or lowering the carriage platform.
The battery can be replaced safely and easily.
The Mecalux Pallet Shuttle offers better performance, increased safety and greater storage capacity to your warehouse.