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  • QRC: The evolutionary barcode


    Like the more recognizable Universal Product Code (UPC) or bar code, QRCs are scannable images that hold information. QRCs are everywhere, but few recognize their use and even fewer recognize their potential to recast the material handling industry’s preferred method of scanning and tracking. The information available in a QRC is not only more robust and accurate than any other label code, but also shares more advantages than any other label code, even when has been slowly implemented in the US industry.

  • Readers Between the Lines


    The introduction of high-speed, superior- accuracy image-based ID readers (IBR) has compelled the trend for business owners to consider transitioning their business toward a more scanner-ready operation. Image-based ID readers work by taking a picture of the entire image and reconstructing any damaged or unclear sections in an effort to override issues associated with unreadable barcodes (faded, scratched, uneven, badly printed, warped, etc...). Furthermore, the increasing capabilities of image-based ID readers are capturing more than just the attention of the materials handling industry.

  • 5 Easy Pieces


    A recent study illuminating how the industry views its own economic recovery, suggests that companies are more focused now on making investments to succeed. As an answer to the current industry trends, Interlake Mecalux has developed a five-point approach to meeting its customers’ broad spectrum of needs through the Easy WMS, such as multi-site functionality and software on-demand.

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