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  • The Clouds Roll in


    With third-party computing, all actions are performed through the Internet on the host’s website and then saved to the third-party’s massive hard drive, rather than the user’s personal computer memory. The implementation of third-party computing (known as "the Cloud") in the material handling industry has developed in the form of warehouse management software. While clouds offer clients lower operating costs and increased availability of programs, the lack of privacy remains the biggest deterrent for customers weighing the pros and cons of cloud computing, apart from other items such as the delay in troubleshooting and the question of data ownership within the cloud. Nevertheless, alternative solutions as Software as a Service (SaaS) make the difference since they allow working in a shared server but it permits to store private information separately. Similarly, Interlake Mecalux offers a subset version of its EasyWMS, EasyWMS Autoinstall as a SaaS, that allows multiple warehouses to have a centralized point of connectivity and data storage, which gives the client the ability to access data from multiple warehouses, rather than simply the warehouse they are in.

  • The Guiding Force Within


    The adoption of automated warehouses has sought to mitigate human-error factors. Automated systems require guidance in order to execute their functions precisely. The Mecalux Group’s Galileo control software may be the companion of the Automated Storage/Retrieval Systems (AS/RS), and its reliable presence helps get the job done. Within a Warehouse Control System (WCS), Galileo acts as a general coordinator, establishing a control hierarchy enabling AS/RS units to carry out their tasks according to the protocols established by the Warehouse Managing System (WMS). The WMS — such as the Mecalux Group’s Easy WMS — assigns a series of orders to Galileo, which helps it determine a take-off order and regulates the object task once they are in the air.

  • Rising to the top


    Vertical lift modules (VLM) are incorporated as strategic implements that address specialized storage needs, reducing labor costs and optimizing warehouse floor space. Among the AS/RS modules produced by Interlake Mecalux, the Clasimat Vertical Lift Module is climbing to the top as the eminent member of the VLM family, taking advantage of a warehouse's vertical space. Among its advantages can be counted in the higher placement at a lower cost; the safety of its use and the reduction of personnel footprint thanks to the combination of EasyWMS + Clasimat, among other items. .

  • Fire Works


    The most important fire protection a warehouse can have is a well-designed, fully functioning and properly installed sprinkler system.Fire grows three times faster in vertically stored commodities than those stored horizontally. This makes extinguishing warehouse fires extremely challenging because they spread quickly. So, matching the right storage facility with the right fire prevention system can make the difference between scorch and soot. The wet pipe system, the Early Supression Fast Response (ESFR), the In-frack Fire Sprankler System, the Quell Fire Sprinkler System, the Dry Pipe Fire System and the Ecoogical Five systems´advantages and disadvantages are discussed.

  • High Efficiency in Low Temperatures


    The refrigerated logistics sector is increasingly looking for ways to optimize industrial freezer storage units. Designing or maximizing an automated refrigerated storage space relies heavily on the type of goods being stored, the weight that will go on the shelves, input/output flows and equipment already in use in the facility. Among other advantages, automating cold stores offer several advantages, such as: goods accessibility, personnel reductions, comfort and safety and integration of all warehouse systems through the Easy WMS.

  • Painting to Protect


    To ensure long lasting protection of its products, Interlake Mecalux uses the most advanced methods of paint coating. Protecting the environment from the harmful effects of paint pollutants is also a concern for the company. To do so, Interlake Mecalux uses cataphoresis, a painting process based on electro-chemical technology which produces smaller amounts of volatile organic compounds than in other coating methods. Mecalux also uses powder coating and water soluble paints, an advanced method of painting used for a wide range of materials and products, very usable against corrosion and other damaging factors, and a very profitable and ecologic paint.

  • Atlantic Rack: Triple Threat


    Atlantic Rack is a multi-million dollar warehouse equipment and supply distributor. that distinguishes more as a solutions company than a racking distributor. Mecalux was both the first and second company to extend Atlantic credit to Atlantic in its very beginings, and Atlantic positioned itself as a destination to which customers turned, not just as simple suppliers of rack, but as a source for strategic solutions to their specific needs. Incorporating old rack with new systems, orchestrating machines to fit with new rack, and detailing how quickly customers will see a ROI – among other procedures -customer satisfaction is the Atlantic´s goal.

  • The well-slotted warehouse


    A well-organized warehouse saves money in labor, space utilization and inventory control. The economic benefits of a well-sorted warehouse have helped warehouse owners and facility managers recognize slotting as an often misunderstood and overlooked building block of warehouse optimization.It is indeed a very important component of storage design, and although there is not a one-size-fits-all method, there are some basic rules and considerations that make the process easier and more effective. Apart from those rules, fully explained, an excellent software such as the Easy WMS is the best way to set up them all.

  • Rash of earthquakes boosts demand for seismic resistant warehouses and racks


    The number of “big box” stores in the United States has increased dramatically. Besides, a rash in natural disasters such as earthquakes has boosted the demand for seismic resistant construction. Although there are disaster elements beyond our control, stricter building codes for spaces in a facility’s architectural designs, could mean the difference between life and death. In this sense, manufacturers such as Interlake Mecalux strive for the highest level of safety when designing a seismic resistant facility and take many elements into consideration.

  • Product Spotlight: Cantilevers


    Ideal storage system for optimizing storage space when large or bulky items are being handled: versatile (can also be mounted on mobile bases), reliable, secure, long-lasting usable, and economic, the cantilever system is perfect for industrial and consumer purposes.

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