Forklift comparison table

Table that compares the technical specifications of the different pallet handling and lifting equipment. 


Type Max. lifting height Minimum open aisle Operating system Storage system
Stackers 9.8 ft - 21.3 ft 6.9 ft - 7.2 ft Manual

Selective 1
Flow racks 2

Standard counterbalanced forklifts

24.6 ft 10.5 ft - 13.1 ft Manual

Drive-in pallet       Flow racks
Push-back Movirack

Reach trucks Standard 27.9 ft 8.9 ft - 9.2 ft Manual

Drive-in pallet       
Flow racks     

High 34.4 ft 9.5 ft - 9.8 ft Manual
Trilateral turret type > 39.4 ft 5.6 ft - 5.9 ft



Flow racks2

Bilateral turret type > 39.4 ft 4.9 ft - 5.2 ft Manual

Selective3 , 4 
Flow racks2

Stacker cranes > 131.2 ft 4.9 ft - 5.2 ft Automatic

Selective4, 5
Flow racks2

The aisle measurements are established for use with Euro pallets handled by their narrow side. Figures are approximate.



1 Pallets must be handled by the open side, without the lower planks.

2 Can be used in the flow rack system, adapting the entry and exit areas of the racking units using split rollers.


These forklifts must be guided, either mechanically (rail located on the floor), or wire guided (wire buried in the ground).


4 Pallets cannot be picked up directly from the ground. Another forklift or reach truck is required to place or remove the pallet at the aisle entrance, or a mechanical transfer and positioning system can be used (roller conveyor, drag chains, shuttles, etc.).



Guided at the top and bottom. Some machines are guided only at the bottom.

When the pallets are moved sideways or are wider than the distance between the front skids of the forklift, the movement must be with these on said skids, having to increase the clearance between the ground and the first load level to the height of the chassis plus 7.9 inches.


Via pallet transfer car or Pallet Shuttle.

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