Forklifts have a direct influence on storage solutions, since their use determines aisle width and, as a result, the number of racks that can be installed, as well as the storage capacity. Likewise, forklifts come into play in the maximum height of the racks, which can be higher or lower according to the situation.

Warehouse forklifts are responsible for the in-house movement of goods, from the docks to the racking storage slots, or from the production areas to the warehouse. The following articles briefly describe the main features of the handling equipment operators must run, since these are widely used in small and medium-sized warehouses.

The forklift market offers a broad variety of equipment, which can be classified into three large groups:


  • Non-lifting equipment: pump trucks and electric pallet trucks.
  • Forklifts: stackers, counterbalanced forklifts, reach trucks, trilateral forklifts, etc.
  • Machines for picking or order pickers.


Standard forklift

  • Pallet jacks: manual or electric

    This piece of transport equipment is very simple and widely used because of its versatility. Pallet jacks can be either manual or electric.

  • Pallet stackers

    The stacker is similar to a pallet truck but has lifting capability. It is ideal for restricted movements and hoisting heights of 19.7 feet or less.

  • Counterbalanced forklifts

    These are the best forklifts for working both inside and outside a warehouse, and highly recommended for loading trucks.

  • Reach trucks

    Reach trucks are lighter than counterbalanced forklifts and can maneuver in narrower aisles. They are the most commonly used equipment inside warehouses.

  • Order pickers

    These machines are specially adapted to order picking as operators have access to the machine's control panel and direct access to the load, facilitating picking work.

  • Automatic guided and laser guided vehicles

    Automatic guided vehicles (AGV) and laser guide vehicles (LGV) are transport equipment, similar to forklifts, which move by means of a wire-guided or a laser guided system.

  • What is a Narrow Aisle Forklift?

    These forklifts are excellent for working in narrow aisles and have height capacities of more than 46 feet, which allows for greater storage capacity.

  • Other in-warehouse transport systems

    Other types of pallet and box transport systems are used in warehouses, such as handcarts, overhead chain conveyors, overhead cranes or hoists etc.

  • Forklift comparison table

    A table that compares the technical specifications of the different pallet handling and lifting equipment.