Movirack mobile pallet racking makes new F.lli Sabbini warehouse profitable


Mecalux has installed Movirack mobile pallet racks in the logistics center of F.lli Sabbini (Sabbini Bros.) located in Northern Italy. This solution allows maximized storage capacity and increases productivity, by sorting products according to their size and rotation.

Interlake Mecalux has installed Movirack mobile pallet racks in the logistics center of F.lli Sabbini

Four blocks of Movirack mobile pallet racks were installed in one zone of the logistics center, standing 26.6' high by 84.3' long and with two fixed shelf levels. The Movirack system, able to hold 2,132 pallets of 43'' x 43'' with a maximum weight of 1.43 t, means the company can fully space-purpose available area without losing direct access to each pallet. The racks rest on the mobile bases that move both laterally and autonomously. The operator must give the ‘open’ order from a remote-control device to spread the aisle wide (where the required goods are located).

Additionally, F.lli Sabbini has equipped its warehouse with 25' high, four-level drive-in pallet racks for storage. Placed in a very small space, these house 640 pallets of 32" x 48".

Nicoletta Sabbini - Managing Partner of F.lli Sabbini
“Thanks to this new installation, we have fully optimized our chamber space with storage capacity, meaning we work more efficiently.”

F.lli Sabbini: logistics operator

Founded in 1980, the company has two headquarters: a central office in Cittadella (Padua, Italy) which includes pallet racks and Movirack mobile pallet racks by Interlake Mecalux, and a second larger warehouse in the city’s industrial business park. Presently and 40 years since its founding, the business is known on a national and international level, due to its skilled customer care and its excellent relationship with private-sector companies and shareholders.