Easy WMS will control the traceability of a wide variety of Tecnol's items


The industrial group Tecnol, one of the largest manufacturers of surgical masks in Spain and a specialist in construction materials and street furniture, has set out to boost the productivity of its logistics operations with Mecalux warehouse management software.

Tecnol will install Mecalux's Easy WMS software in its warehouse

“When digitizing our warehouse, one of our main goals was to have complete visibility of our supply chain,” says Bernat Bauzà, Chief Information Officer at Tecnol. Mecalux’s Easy WMS warehouse management software will provide information on the performance of the various operations in the facility and on the status of stock in real time. Consequently, Tecnol will be able to organize the procurement of goods in advance.

“Easy WMS will enable us to control the traceability of all the items, including both raw materials and finished products,” says Bauzà. Logistics traceability is a crucial process for Tecnol, taking into account that the company manufactures and sells a wide variety of products, from chemicals and street furniture to masks and hand sanitizer.

In the cloud model, the Easy WMS software will monitor all of Tecnol’s goods in real time. To do so, it will assign each item a location according to SKU type and demand level. With Easy WMS, Tecnol will know the exact location of its products at any given time.

“By digitizing our warehouse, we’re taking a step forward in terms of the company’s digitization and continuous improvement process. In this regard, we also aim to improve the customer experience and ensure that goods are supplied by the agreed deadlines,” says Bauzà. Easy WMS will optimize operations by equipping operators with precise instructions on how to perform all tasks. For example, to complete any order, operators will use RF scanners to find out which items to locate and exactly how many to pick.

Goods dispatch will be another key area in the Tecnol warehouse. “We want to improve order picking and shipping in order to minimize errors,” says Bauzà. To dispatch all products on offer quickly and efficiently, the Multi Carrier Shipping Software module will automatically integrate the Tecnol facility with the company’s logistics providers.

With the help of Mecalux’s Easy WMS, Tecnol will have a digital warehouse that will optimize processes and flows in addition to providing full product traceability.

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