Mecalux to digitalize 3 warehouses for Sidler Transporte & Logistik in Switzerland

February 14, 2024

Third-party logistics (3PL) provider Sidler Transporte & Logistik will upgrade the management of its three logistics facilities in Switzerland with Mecalux software. “Implementing Easy WMS in our warehouses is a strategic step to enhance our relationship with customers, streamline operations, reduce costs, increase productivity, and consolidate continuous improvement,” says Fredy Sidler, CEO of Sidler Transporte & Logistik.

3PL provider Sidler Transporte & Logistik to digitalize 3 warehouses in Switzerland

The Mecalux software will provide real-time monitoring of the status of Sidler Transporte & Logistik’s stock across its three facilities in Rotkreuz, in the heart of Switzerland. At the same time, it will organize operations and distribute work among operators, considering the specific needs of clients in different sectors.

To increase the throughput of its processes, the company will install four Easy WMS modules: WMS for 3PL, Multi-Carrier Shipping Software, Value-Added Services (VAS), and Labor Management System (LMS).

With the WMS for 3PL module, Sidler Transporte & Logistik will optimize its warehouse operations to provide more efficient service. This software consists of three submodules. 3PL Client Portal allows clients to access the system to inquire about the status of their items and create orders. 3PL Billing generates billing reports specifying the services extended to each customer. Finally, Client-Specific Rules will enable the business to tailor logistics processes to the requirements of individual clients.

To ensure that order deliveries meet customers’ stipulations, the 3PL provider will also install Value-Added Services (VAS). This module will guide operators as they complete value-added work orders. With this digital solution, the company will be able to personalize orders quickly and without errors.

Digitalization is set to significantly improve one of Sidler Transporte & Logistik’s most crucial processes: shipping. The Multi-Carrier Shipping Software module will instruct operators as they package and label orders. Likewise, it will automate management of shipments via the carriers that distribute the goods.

Lastly, with Labor Management System (LMS), the business will evaluate the productivity of the different activities carried out in its three warehouses and supervise workflows. This will enable it to identify opportunities that help perfect logistics processes.

“We believe digitalization will be key to optimizing our processes. With Mecalux’s digital system, we’ll adapt swiftly to customer demands and provide more effective and personalized service to the people that rely on us. And this will strengthen our position in the logistics and transportation industry,” says Sidler.

About Sidler Transporte & Logistik: professional, punctual, and flexible

Founded in 1964, Sidler Transporte & Logistik is a transportation and logistics business headquartered in Rotkreuz (Switzerland). The company operates domestically and in neighboring countries. Its excellent reputation is built on reliable service and attention to detail. The 3PL provider ensures end-to-end management of diverse goods, spanning receiving, storage, picking, and distribution processes, including deliveries with platforms and cranes.

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