Warehouse with 100,000 pallets for Number 1, the leading 3PL in Italy’s food sector

February 2, 2024

Number 1 Logistics Group has opened a warehouse equipped with Mecalux seismic racking in response to the food sector’s growing demand.

Number 1 Logistics Group will install pallet racks in its warehouse in Caserta

“The goal of this new state-of-the-art logistics hub is to consolidate our distribution network, extending it to southern Italy. Simultaneously, we aim to strengthen our standing as a strategic partner for our clients, which are prominent food-sector companies,” says Renzo Sartori, President of Number 1.

The logistics center, located in an area of Caserta with quick highway access, will prioritize storage capacity to expedite deliveries throughout the country. With capacity for 100,000 pallets, the seismic racking in Number 1 Logistics Group’s new facility will stand out for its impressive dimensions: 46' tall, up to 328' long, and with 9 levels.

The Mecalux pallet rack solution will provide direct access to goods, simplifying putaway and order picking tasks. The system, which adapts easily to all load types, will enable Number 1 Logistics Group to efficiently handle the hundreds of thousands of pallets belonging to its multiple customers.

Number 1 Logistics Group’s facility is located in southern Italy, a region prone to earthquakes. The Mecalux racks are designed to withstand any possible ground motion occurring in the area.

This new warehouse is part of Number 1 Logistics Group’s plans to expand its business in Italy. To run the project, the company turned once again to Mecalux, which had outfitted the third-party logistics (3PL) provider’s facilities in Lodi, Tribiano, and Paullo, in the Lombardy region, with diverse storage solutions.

About Number 1 Logistics Group: a logistics leader in Italy’s food sector

Number 1 Logistics Group is a specialized provider of integrated logistics services for enterprises in the food industry. Founded in 1997 in the city of Barilla, the 3PL has become the premier company in the food logistics sector in Italy. In 2022, the business recorded a turnover of more than $350 million. Number 1 Logistics Group boasts nine logistics hubs and 31 transit points across Italy. Its workforce of 1,600 employees manages over 1.9 million tons of goods and makes more than 2 million deliveries a year.

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