IGL goes for logistics gold with Easy WMS

May 6, 2024

Third-party logistics (3PL) provider IGL will outfit its four warehouses in France with Mecalux’s Easy WMS software. This implementation will enable the company to ensure product traceability and enhance its operational efficiency and service quality.

The 3PL provider will digitalize its four warehouses in France

IGL faces the challenge of managing a wide array of products from diverse customers, ranging from food to fashion items. The Easy WMS warehouse management system will control the exact location of the products, tracking all their movements until they are shipped to end customers. With this digital solution, the 3PL provider will streamline all operations in its logistics facilities to guarantee order distribution in the shortest possible time.

The software capabilities will be extended with additional modules for comprehensive management of IGL’s logistics processes:

  • WMS for 3PL. This software will simplify the operations the logistics provider performs for its clients. The program will feature two submodules. 3P Billing will generate an invoice report itemizing the services provided to each client. Meanwhile, Client-Specific Rules will configure and tailor warehouse processes to the specific needs of individual clients or stock owners.
  • Slotting for WMS. This module will increase the efficiency of storage location management. For example, it will recommend product classification based on sales forecasts and demand analysis, clustering SKUs that are normally ordered together.

Easy WMS will also be equipped with tools to measure the performance of the various activities carried out in the distribution centers. This will allow IGL to identify opportunities for improvement. The software will segment the information produced in the warehouses, transforming it into key performance indicators (KPIs) to facilitate strategic decision-making.

“Our supply chain needs to be capable of adapting to each client’s logistics requirements. With Easy WMS, we have a technological tool that optimizes operations in our four facilities,” says Noiriel Régis, Operations Manager at IGL.

IGL: logistics excellence for over 20 years

With a track record spanning more than 20 years, IGL has leveraged its experience and know-how to organize logistics operations for major events. These include the French Open, the UEFA European Football Championship, the Tour de France, and the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics. From its 12-plus acres of floor space, the company provides quality logistics service to businesses from all sectors.

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