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Elevated storage capacity for a world-class logistics operator


Barsan Global Logistics, a logistics operator with a presence on five continents, will equip its Willebroek (Belgium) warehouse with selective pallet racks from Mecalux to house more than 33,200 pallets.

The new warehouse, divided into two ‘cells’, will comprise 28' tall rack and five shelf levels able to withstand up to 2.97 tons each. This system will offer the merchandise top strength, adaptability and versatility, achieving excellent space usage without losing direct access to any pallet.

Operators will run trilateral forklifts to handle the pallets in the racks, devices which are highly-suited to working in narrow aisleways. Some storage aisles will stretch up to 276' long, which is why lower passageways will be opened up, improving the connection between them.

The Barsan warehouse in Belgium to manage its logistics

Mehmet Can Günaydın - Business Development Executive of Barsan Global Logistics
“At Barsan we prefer partnering up with global organizations like our own. Having had the chance to work with Mecalux in other countries, our satisfaction with those projects was the main reason we chose them again. We are always looking for well-motivated, solution orientated providers like Mecalux, and are proud to say Mecalux fits the bill.”

A Global presence

Founded in 1982 as a customs and foreign sales consultancy in Istanbul, currently, Barsan offers comprehensive logistics services throughout the world. The company has 67 logistics centers spread over the five continents, filling 371 acres of overall storage surface area.