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Sp Berner: plastics manufacturer’s warehouse features Pallet Shuttle system


One of the major plastic manufacturers in Spain, the Sp Berner Plastic Group, and Mecalux join forces again with the installation of the high-density semi-automatic Pallet Shuttle system in pallet racking. Located in Paterna (Valencia), the warehouse will accommodate more than 10,000 pallets. Sp Berner is an exclusive supplier of Mercadona, as well as other distribution giants such as Ikea, Carrefour and Bauhaus.

Standing 29' tall and containing nine blocks of racks, this solution holds 10,416 pallets of 32" x 48", each weighing a maximum of 1,100 lb. All blocks provide three-tiered storage, whose structure will be enabled for the autonomous movements of the Pallet Shuttle inside the storage channels, ensuring a constant flow of goods.

This new warehouse project only confirms the positive business connection Sp Berner and Mecalux enjoy. Among all the solutions installed in recent years, two different rack warehouses stand out. Both are operated by Pallet Shuttles in the company's central plant in Aldaya (Valencia). In total, this storage area exceeds 7.41 acres in size.

The warehouse of Sp Berner with the Pallet Shuttle system

More than 50 years of plastics excellence

Sp Berner is a Valencian family-based business that has become an international leader in the manufacture of plastic consumer goods. The company has four manufacturing centers, three in Valencia (38.3 acres overall) and a 2.47 acre one in Suzhou (China).

These centers make garden furniture, personal care items (dental and hair products), packing and storage items (pallets and boxes), household goods and cleaning products. Sp Berner employs a team of more than 900 people and uses injection and thermoforming methods to transform plastics into products.