Pesquera Veraz will reduce energy consumption and optimise its freezer stores


Renowned Argentinian fishing company Pesquera Veraz will equip its two freezer stores at its new center in Rawson, Argentina, with the semi-automatic Pallet Shuttle system by Interlake Mecalux. In addition to increasing productivity and leveraging surface area, this high-density racking solution will lower energy costs. This is due to the fact that the amount of goods to be kept at a frozen temperature will be less than that of selective pallet racking.

Pesquera Veraz's freezer stores in Rawson (Argentina)

Rawson has become Argentina’s main port of landing for fresh shrimp. There, Pesquera Veraz has a production facility with a daily production capacity of 39 tons of frozen fish. To manage all those goods, it will install four 30-foot-high racking units in just over 12,900 ft2 to store 3,051 pallets.

Gerardo Fanjul - Head of Maintenance at Pesquera Veraz’s Rawson facility
“The new -22 ºF freezer stores have been designed to address our needs and maximize storage capacity. With the Pallet Shuttle, we hope to raise our throughput and reduce time spent on storage tasks, as well as improve our inventory management and organization. We also want to avoid occupational risks through the way in which the racks themselves are constructed: operators merely have to place pallets in or remove them from the first position.”

The Pallet Shuttle system includes a motorized shuttle that moves inside the storage channels, following orders issued by operators using Wi-Fi-connected tablets. Thanks to this solution, Pesquera Veraz will cut its operating costs and boost the performance of its logistics chain.

Federico Angeleri - Sales Manager at Pesquera Veraz
“We went with Mecalux because we are very familiar with the quality of their products and the way they work side by side with their customers. The advice they gave us helped us to choose the best solution for our business and, in particular, our production and logistics dynamics. As our production has a high turnover, and 97% of it is destined for export, we opted for the Pallet Shuttle system to minimize risks and enhance energy efficiency. This solution will help us to organize our stock, since we will be able to store all the products optimally in their respective locations.”

Genuine fishermen

Pesquera Veraz S.A. is a member of the Veraz Group, a business with 70 years of experience dedicated to the construction of fishing vessels and the extraction, processing, and marketing of products from the sea (mainly Argentinian red shrimp and hake). Currently, it has a staff of over 800 employees, a fleet of nine vessels, and production centers in Mar de Plata (Buenos Aires Province), Rawson (Chubut Province) and Puerto Deseado (Santa Cruz Province). The Group exports to more than 15 countries, among them, the US, China, Spain, Italy, and Japan.