The expansion has increased the storage capacity of the warehouse


PDC Logistics continues to expand its logistics facilities located in Szczecin (Poland) to obtain greater storage capacity and cope with increased international sales.

At the start of 2016, PDC Logistics moved its main warehouse to Poland. Interlake Mecalux then equipped it with pallet racks, picking shelves and a conveyor circuit. This variety of solutions allows the company to prepare its high volume of orders on a daily basis.

By the beginning of 2019, Interlake Mecalux had installed even more pallet racks to accommodate an additional 5,907 pallets. This enables the company to have reserve products at all times, which avoids disruptions in picking. It also extended the box conveyor circuit and added five order sorting lines to reorganize the dispatch area and make it more efficient.

Thanks to positive business performance, PDC Logistics added on to its logistics center again last June with an additional 5,790 pallets.

PDC Logistics warehouse has been expanded twice during 2019

About PDC Logistics

PDC Logistics distributes components for motocross, motorcycles and snowmobiles. Part of the Swedish e-commerce Pierce AB, it started as a local business that gradually won over the European markets, finally becoming a company with great international exposure. In an attempt to serve a large number of customers, Pierce decided to set up a distribution center in Szczecin. PDC currently operates at two sites in this Polish city: Załom (distribution center, photography workshop and personalized products department) and Baltic Business Park (finance, price analysis, marketing and IT departments).