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Mecalux’s flow racks in MIYM's warehouses in Mexico


Mexicana de Industrias y Marcas (MIYM) continues to reap the benefits of Interlake Mecalux’s flow racks. This is a storage system that optimizes the available space to accommodate a larger number of pallets.

In 2010, the company equipped its warehouse in Cuapiaxtla (in the Mexican State of Tlaxcala) with flow racks from Interlake Mecalux that offer a warehousing capacity for 640 pallets. The installation was expanded twice, reaching a 1,120-pallet capacity overall.

Flow racks with rollers in MIYM’s warehouses in Mexico

In 2016, MIYM built a plant and warehouse in Huejotzingo (State of Puebla) and decided to go with flow racks from Mecalux yet again. This center has also been expanded twice, and in the upcoming months, it will be enlarged again with another block of pallet flow racks to hold an additional 3,000 pallets. In all, the warehousing capacity will hold 5,760 pallets.

Company under constant growth

Founded in 2007 in the State of Puebla, MIYM is a company which specializes in the production and packaging of dairy products. In 2010, it launched its first retail brand, Delite, a semi-skimmed milk product range. One year later, MIYM decided to market its other brand, Tivoli, to increase its production and bolster its market presence in Mexico.