Minoterie Planchot will install an automatic Pallet Shuttle with stacker crane


Flour producer and marketer Minoterie Planchot will be bringing its logistics up to date with the commissioning of a new automated warehouse in Saint-Paul-en-Pareds (France). Mecalux will be installing the Pallet Shuttle system with a stacker crane, offering a storage capacity of 1,189 pallets.

The warehouse will consist of a single aisle measuring 98' long and 59' high along which a stacker crane will move. Its function will be to position the motorized shuttle in the assigned location so that it can insert or remove the pallets within the channels.

The warehouse will also have a large area dedicated to picking, where an anthropomorphic robot will provide assistance. In addition, Mecalux will be installing a transfer car that acts as a buffer and organises the pallets to be handled by the robot.

Xavier Planchot - CEO of Minoterie Planchot
“With this warehouse, we aim to optimize the storage area and minimize operator intervention during the handling of goods. The automation will make the movement of pallets more dynamic, and we will be able to respond to customer demands more swiftly.”

Flour storage by Minoterie Planchot in France

A family history of more than a hundred years

Located in the town of Saint-Paul-en-Pareds (France), Minoterie Planchot and its 39 employees produce and market flour. This ingredient is the result of knowledge handed down across five generations since 1912. The company currently has a fully automated flour mill.