TGT-Lácteos de Karrantza: automated management of dairy products


TGT-Lácteos de Karrantza, manufacturer of dairy products, will commission an automated warehouse with Pallet Shuttle. There, the firm will manage nearly 300 SKUs on 1,937 pallets. The installation, located in the village of Karrantza Harana (Basque Country, Spain), is run by Interlake Mecalux's Easy WMS. This software is responsible for optimizing movement flows and providing total traceability of goods.

The warehouse will be composed of a single aisle with racking on both sides measuring 164' long and 33' high. A twin-mast stacker crane will transfer the goods along the aisle to the corresponding channel; once there, a motorized shuttle will automatically move them to the deepest location.

In addition to maximizing the storage area, this solution will ensure a constant, error-free flow of inputs and outputs under the supervision and control of Easy WMS.

This automated solution will leverage the storage space and increase productivity in the logistics processes of the TGT Group’s plant in Karrantza. It will also provide the manufacturing lines with greater capacity to grow and optimize production.

Pablo Gorraiz Martín, TGT Group Logistics Director

The warehouse will be composed of a single aisle with 164' long racking

TGT-Lácteos de Karrantza

The TGT Group, founded in 1963, is one of Spain’s leading cheese producers and a key player in the European dairy industry. It currently has 17 offices in Spain and 12 factories, among which are those it owns directly and those owned by its partners. With this new production plant to be started-up in Karrantza Harana, the company aims to sell 500,000 units of cheese and to package 6.6 million gallons of milk and 24 million packages of aerosol whipped cream annually.