Karton.eu & Mecalux: a triple knock-out partnership


Karton.eu, an online packaging business, teams up with Mecalux yet again to set up some Movirack mobile racks in the company’s warehouse located in Spremberg, in North-eastern Germany. This solution, and the third Mecalux has recently installed at Karton.eu, reaffirms the solid rapport between the two companies.

In 2014 and 2015, Mecalux enabled two zones in the Karton.eu warehouse with 20' high, three-level selective pallet racks, which offers a capacity of 1,800 pallets of 32" x 48".

By the end of the year, the company was scrambling to keep up with growing demand, so it needed another storage solution, but different to the previous two. After coming to a consensus with the technical team at Mecalux, the company chose Movirack mobile racks, a high-density system that cuts out unneeded aisles, increases storage capacity and offers direct access to pallets.

The installed solution has 13 double-deep Movirack mobile racks and two stationary units that are approximately 23' high and 85' long. The three-level high racks house more than 2,000 pallets that are 32" x 48" x 87” in size and have a unitary weight of 1,323 lb.

To open the required aisle and to extract or deposit the goods, the operator gives the command using a remote-control device. The aisle is wide enough (12.8') for the operator to easily handle the merchandise with a forklift. Moreover, the block of Movirack mobile racks has its own control cabinet, as well as onboard cabinets in each of the racks to guarantee the system functions properly.


Karton.eu: the packaging e-commerce company

Karton.eu is a German business established in 2007. It specializes in the online sale of packaging material both in Germany and abroad. Other than cardboard boxes and foldable boxes, the company’s product catalog also includes filler to protect boxed items, poster board and adhesive tape. All Karton.eu products are adjusted or custom made to the customer’s liking.