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The playthings of Clics Toys will be stored in an AS/RS for boxes


Clics Toys, a ‘Click N’ Play’ toy maker, will achieve top productivity and get an efficient picking system thanks to a new AS/RS for boxes in Wuustwezel (Belgium). This solution gives storage capacity full play, providing the company with up to 7,800, 16'' x 24'' boxes for goods.

Efficient management by AS/RS for boxes

The warehouse will consist of two, 131' long aisles and 16' high double-depth racks on each side. A stacker crane will run inside each aisle, responsible for tote inputs and outputs from the corresponding locations in a fully autonomous manner.

An installed conveyor circuit will be the highlight of one end of the racks, shifting boxes to the different assigned aisles. These conveyors will also fulfill orders as per the "product-to-person" principle, i.e., the stacker crane will supply the operators with the goods needed to put each order together.

Colorful click-and-play fun

Founded in 2001, Clics Toys is a Belgium company and creator of the Clics construction toy sets. By clicking the toy blocks together, you can build anything from a toy airplane to a car, or boat, or castle and much more. Since its launch into the toy market, millions of children in more than 40 countries worldwide have let their creativity run free with these multi-colored playthings.