Vins i Licors Grau and Mecalux enjoy a vintage partnership

July 19, 2017

Mecalux will once again collaborate with Vins i Licors Grau, a company with extensive experience in the distribution of wines and spirits, with the installation of an Automated Storage & Retrieval System (AS/RS) for boxes in its Palafrugell (Girona) center. This solution will allow the company to store more than 900 boxes and speed up the preparation of online orders.

The 16' high, 46' long AS/RS for boxes will consist of three single-depth aisles where a stacker crane will be tasked with executing the incoming and outgoing movements of the merchandise. The stacker crane will be connected to a conveyor circuit that will move the merchandise to the three picking stations enabled on one side of the warehouse. In addition, the conveyor circuit will link the AS/RS miniload system with the central warehouse.

Mecalux will also furnish put-to-light racking in each of the picking stations. Each device will light up to show the operator where the products extracted from the miniload boxes must be inserted. With this solution, 918, 23” x 32” boxes with a maximum weight of 220 lb each will be stored at Vins i Licors Grau. Concurrently, this will serve to expedite picking to fulfill the enormous number of incoming online orders smoothly.

Vins i Licors Grau is a renowned company dedicated to the distribution of wines and quality distilled beverages. Since its founding in 1977, and the non-stop business growth over the years, it has succeeded in spearheading the sale of wines and liqueurs regionally.

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