The efficient picking system in the LDC logistics center


LDC, a French agri-foods ­company specializing in poultry products, will reorganize the distribution of its logistics center to speed up order prep as much as possible.

The logistics center will be sectored in four different zones, where classified merchandise will be stored according to its demand and turnover.

A number of racks and operators assigned in each area will allow the optimization of the worker’s movements and, ultimately, make order prep highly profitable. In all, the company will receive a storage capacity of 3,948 pallets with a maximum weight of 1,653 lb each.

In two zones, rack blocks will be installed with push-back channels in the upper levels for reserve pallets and picking will be done on lower levels. In the other two, racks with pallet flow channels will be supplied in the higher levels, where the reserve goods will be deposited, and picking will be done directly from the floor.

For this system to function correctly, replenishment and product storage will be carried out in one aisle and picking in another, thus avoiding interference. A conveyor circuit will connect the four areas of the picking warehouse and will be tasked with moving the orders, once finished, to the dispatch area.

LDC is a company founded in France in 1968 that is dedicated to raising chickens and selling poultry cuts, as well as preparing ready-to-cook dishes.