Tajfun to boost inventory management efficiency

July 10, 2024

Forestry machinery manufacturer Tajfun will install Mecalux’s Easy WMS software in its warehouse in Planina pri Sevnici (Slovenia). The company will monitor stock status in real time to drive operations as demanding as order fulfillment.

Forestry machine manufacturer Tajfun will digitalize its warehouse in Slovenia

“We’re installing Mecalux’s Easy WMS in our warehouse to increase operational efficiency and productivity, deliver orders effectively, and ensure traceability of our goods,” says Rok Bezamovski, Process Optimization Specialist at the Slovenian company.

Tajfun has entrusted technology company Špica with installing Easy WMS in its facility in Planina pri Sevnici (Slovenia). The software will track product movements in real time. “We’ll obtain information on not only the location of each item but also the available stock for each SKU. The software will update inventory levels automatically when forestry machinery arrives at the outbound warehouse from the production plant and as orders are shipped to clients.

This strict control over goods will help expedite operations such as order processing. “Currently, we spend a lot of time locating products in the warehouse. With Easy WMS, we’ll know the exact position of each item, which will enable us to find merchandise much more quickly when fulfilling orders. We’ll gain time to focus on other priority tasks,” says Bezamovski.

The WMS software will optimize all of Tajfun’s logistics operations. Moreover, it will ensure that materials are sent to the manufacturing plant at the right time and in the correct quantities. “Digitalization will transform our supply chain by improving inventory management and providing greater stock visibility,” says Bezamovski.

Tajfun: global leader in forestry machinery

Based in Planina pri Sevnici (Slovenia), Tajfun is a manufacturer of forestry machinery such as logging winches, firewood processors, hydraulic tractor cranes, and forestry trailers for handling and transporting timber. With a presence in over 50 countries and active since 1967, the company manufactures innovative products for the forestry industry. Its equipment incorporates advanced technologies that ensure optimal performance even in the most demanding conditions.

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