Orthopedic product manufacturer and distributor Neut digitalizes its warehouse

May 29, 2024

The WMS will ensure real-time product traceability and help the company expedite its logistics operations. These advancements will enable Neut to supply its growing number of clients throughout the country.

“We’re a one-hundred-year-old business that has always embraced innovation. Opening this new facility represents another step forward in our mission to supply our clients with high-quality orthopedic solutions. By digitalizing our operations with Mecalux’s Easy WMS, we’re committed to enhancing our efficiency and service even more,” says Cédric Aymonin, General Manager of Neut.

Orthopedic product manufacturer Neut will digitalize operations in its warehouse in France

The Mecalux logistics software will organize and optimize operations in Neut’s warehouse. It will send operators personalized instructions via RF scanners for fast task completion. Moreover, it will continuously monitor the status of the products stored, from their arrival at the facility to their final delivery to clients. With this solution, the orthopedic device manufacturer’s logistics processes will be consistently smooth and transparent.

Easy WMS will be integrated with Neut’s Sage X3 ERP system. The two programs will share information continuously to ramp up warehouse operations and streamline order fulfillment and distribution.

Neut will also install two additional Easy WMS modules. Multi-Carrier Shipping Software will orchestrate and optimize the goods packaging, labeling, and shipping processes in the final supply chain phase. Meanwhile, Slotting for WMS will automate location management, arrange product distribution, and enhance operator pick paths.

Neut: cutting-edge orthopedics

Founded in France in 1923, Neut is a family-run business dedicated to manufacturing and marketing orthopedic devices. Since its inception, the company has been steadfastly committed to innovation and quality, always striving to meet the needs of patients and customers. Additionally, Neut carries out significant social work. It has contributed its knowledge and experience to humanitarian actions, including in Syria and Lebanon. Currently, in Mayotte, it trains local teams to handle challenging cases.

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