New Technology: MT0


Interlake Mecalux recently introduced the MT0 into their line of unit load singlemast stacker cranes. The MT0 incorporates functions from both very-narrow-aisle (VNA) turret truck systems and automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS). As a result, this hybrid unit can meet the usage needs and budgets of warehouses that want to foray into automation to increase their productivity.

Since the MT0 is a type of crane for an AS/RS, it shares many of the standard benefits of an AS/RS, including optimized productivity, full automation, low operating costs, safety, the narrowest aisle requirements, plug and play operation, and stress on guide rails instead of the rack. Many of the parts come pre-assembled which can improve installation times and provides greater quality control. Operations of the MT0 are controlled and scheduled by the Interlake Mecalux warehouse management software, EasyWMS.

The MT0 is available in heights from 15 to 50 feet and can be customized to fit any single deep rack environment within that range. The minimum picking height is four inches above ground level. In a front-of-aisle configuration, the MT0 can operate at ground level or in conjunction with a conveyor. Similar to a VNA turret truck, 180-degree swivel reach allows for movement of pallets from one side of the aisle to the other and pallet extraction from a rack system into a loading or picking area at the front of the aisle.

The MT0 base is comprised of two guide rails with two wheels on each side. The resulting base is wide enough to eliminate the need for a top rail system. Guiding wheels at the base of the chassis also prevent the MT0 from falling off of the track. Other safety features include an enclosed working aisle, emergency shutdown, and security keys.

In some cases, an MT0 may be more cost effective than a new VNA turret truck. The cost savings of a conventional AS/RS can be realized within years of operational efficiency, whereas the cost savings of an MT0 are immediately apparent in its upfront investment. Compared to a standard AS/RS, the MT0 has a lower unit cost and, with no top guide rail, the design reduces installation time. The MT0 brings innovation and affordability to the AS/RS market.