Mecalux installs logistics center for Brazil’s largest oil company


Brazilian oil titan, Petrobras, goes fully automated in its new 19,700 square foot facility.

MECALUX, the worldwide leader in storage systems, will fully automate the new PETROBRAS distribution facility in Rio de Janeiro, South America’s third largest city.

Petrobras, established in 1953, is Brazil's largest company and the world’s fourth most profitable . It currently has over 100 production platforms, 16 refineries, over 18,000 miles of pipelines and more than 7,000 service stations.

The new warehouse built by Mecalux has a 16,000 pallet storage capacity in addition to the set of five double-deep stacker cranes that will allow Petrobras to move 140 pallets per hour. These stacker cranes move the merchandise up to 120 feet.

The crane’s movements will be guided by the EasyWMS® management software, allowing it to all stages of pallet storage in real-time. This software reduces errors and time of the tasks which are usually necessary for warehouse management.

"Mecalux welcomes the fact that a company like Petrobras has put its trust in us and decided to automate its logistics center with our technology," Mecalux Vice President Javier Carrillo said.

Julio Cezar, manager of technology at Petrobras, explained that "thanks to the automation of our logistics center, we can control, more easily coordinate and manage all processes taking place in the store, therefore gaining in speed and efficiency.”

To absorb the flow of pallets, the store will have a rail system approximately 1,970 feet long with 22 cars.

The company is present in 28 countries on five continents. It acts as an integrated energy company in the: exploration, production, refining, marketing and transportation sectors of crude oil and natural gas, petrochemicals, distribution of oil, electricity, biofuels and other renewable sources of energy.

Mecalux is a market leader in warehouse solutions specializing in the design, manufacturing, sale, services and integration of industrial shelving, software and the industry's most advanced automation. Since 1966, the Mecalux group has expanded to more than 70 countries while building an extensive distribution network throughout Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Slovakia, Belgium, Holland, UK, Czech Republic, Poland, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Canada and the USA.

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