Best Practices: digitization and automation to boost logistics


In the new issue of Best Practices, we analyze how Mecalux software has helped businesses in multiple sectors improve their logistics processes.

Digitization stands out as an ideal solution for achieving maximum logistics efficiency and gaining greater goods control. You’ll see how online store Gibon in Slovenia has boosted its warehouse productivity by 30% thanks to Easy WMS. Similarly, agricultural company De Prado has set out to triple its production in Portugal by digitizing all its processes with Mecalux software.

In this issue of Best Practices, we also delve into projects of businesses that have incorporated automation in their facilities. For example, in France, FPT Industrial turned to automation to ensure the just-in-time supply of its production lines. Meanwhile, in Spain, 3PL provider Logiscor automated its logistics operations to ensure the continuous movement of over 400 boxes a day.

The magazine includes an interview with Rotterdam School of Management Professor René De Koster on what drives businesses to automate their warehouses. It also features an interview with Mikel Jaureguizar, General Manager of Spanish electrical equipment company Normagrup, in which he explains why the business chose automation to efficiently coordinate its warehouse with the production lines.

This issue of Best Practices also contains a number of specialized articles: an analysis on the potential of the metaverse in logistics, an article on the advantages of automating temperature-controlled cold stores, and a report on the characteristics and applications of the automated Pallet Shuttle system.

Download Best Practices magazine to find out how automation and digitization have become key solutions for improving business competitiveness.



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