Automated Warehouse Studio (AWS): Mecalux's latest move towards standardized control systems


Mecalux has launched the Automa­tic Warehouse Studio (AWS), an advanced version of the development environment and the Galileo control software.

AWS permits programming according to the IEC-61131-ST international standard in PLCs from SIMATIC S7-1500 / 1200 and Rockwell ControlLogix. It also provides a realistic testing area that considerably shortens project implementation times.The new software product by Mecalux adds multiple features, among which is the possibility of simulating the operation of an entire electromechanical automated installation, through Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA).

This tool automatically provides a very accurate and authentic 3D graphical re­presentation of the warehouse. With the AWS simulator, the integration between the WMS, Galileo and the automated portion of the installation is ascertained and validated in the same office, before instal­ling the control program in the actual warehouse. Once it is up and running, only minor adjustments would be needed.

Moreover, AWS supports a second stan­dard programming language (other than Xana, which is owned by Mecalux). It can be programmed with Designer under the current IEC-61131-ST international stan­dard, creating a control program that behaves identically in the various PLCs.

AWS is integrated into the Mecalux development chain. Firstly, upon designing the warehouse, a general 3D simulation is carried out by EasyM. Subsequently, this design is transferred to the EasyS tool, where the installation is more precisely configured. From this design –by means of the AMW– a control program is created that should only need fine-tuning and can be used in facilities controlled by both PCs and PLCs.