It is a solution that optimises the storage space at Almenara Mall


Interlake Mecalux will be equipping the Almenara Mall shopping center in Canelones (Uruguay) with a mezzanine floor that will multiply the useful storage space five times over, saving significant floor and logistics costs.

The structure, made up of five floors, will take advantage of the building's height to raise storage capacity. At the same time, the mezzanine has been adapted to the customer’s needs, becoming the versatile, safe and robust solution they were seeking.

To guarantee the maximum strength and stability of the structure, Interlake Mecalux uses calculation software. This program establishes the layout and calculates the optimal characteristics of the mezzanine's different components according to the conditioning factors in each specific case.

Daniel Benech - Project architect
“This is the solution we have been looking for: a modular system developed efficiently and offering good value for money.”

The mezzanine floor makes optimal use of the height of the building

About Almenara Mall

This 14.8-acre shopping center was recently opened in the vicinity of Montevideo’s Carrasco airport. It has 75,347 ft2 of commercial venues, 350 parking spaces, green areas, restaurants, coworking spaces, and play areas for children. In a later phase, the project will include a residential area.