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5 Easy Pieces


There are two sides to the economic recovery in the U.S.: the side in which businesses dress their wounds and get out of the red and the side in which those same businesses throw on a helmet and move forward with planned investments. A recent study illuminating how the industry views its own economic recovery, conducted by the Peerless Media Research Group, suggests that more than 80 percent of the industry plan this year to spend amounts either equal to or in excess of last year’s spending. Of that majority, the amount businesses plan to invest averaged $77,000, a drop in the bucket as compared to amounts invested during boom times. Still shy on investing despite being back in black, companies are more focused now on making investments to succeed, but done dirt cheap.

EasyWMS™ was designed to adapt to these industry needs. To maintain this adaptability, Interlake Mecalux is dedicated to the constant expansion of its software’s capability. As an answer to the current industry trends, Interlake Mecalux has developed a five-point approach to meeting its customers’ broad spectrum of needs.

Multi-site functionality
As businesses expand, company management resources also expand to more than one location. EasyWMS™ has developed the functionality that centralizes each location and its IT resources into one software accessible in multiple warehouses.

Software on-demand
Easy has already begun adapting the Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery model, which would effectively centralize and connect the software data stored from warehouse to warehouse in an Internet cloud. The difference would be the ability to access data from any of your warehouses instead of accessing only the data from the warehouse in which you are standing.

Expanded logistics assistance
In a short time, EasyWMS™ has leapfrogged other similar software by offering customers a finely tuned customer support program that includes logistic consultancy and online support training for everything under the scope of EasyWMS™.

Louder bells, crisper whistles
In addition to evolving the software into the efficient and convenient SaaS delivery model, EasyWMS™ will soon feature enhanced web reports, partial order releasing, updated picking screens for automated warehouses, ergonomic graphic interfaces in the radio frequency terminals.

Growth match
The Interlake Mecalux software as a multi-sectoral and standard WMS can manage both conventional and complex warehouses. This allows matching, scaled solutions matching customer growth without having to change the software ERP or WMS suppliers.