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Country Spotlight: Brazil


The eight-largest economy
The last decade has ushered in a period of reinvention for Brazil. South America’s largest country has traded in its troubled past of social and financial instability for an economic renaissance. While powerhouses like the United States and Europe have been reeling with a cumbersome economic recovery from the global financial downturn, Brazil has steadily become the eighth-largest economy in the world. In this environment, the success story of Mecalux in Brazil has closely mirrored the country’s rise to prominence.

When it all began
The history of Mecalux in Brazil begins in 2005 when it acquired Esmena, an industrial storage and logistics company based out of Spain, and incorporated its 290,500 square foot production plant in Sao Paulo. On Brazilian soil, the company has continued to drive warehouse management and storage solutions to meet the challenges of a booming economy, becoming one of the fastest growing industry leaders to the South American region. From leading multinational companies such as BASF to burgeoning local enterprises such as Portonave — a shipping terminal company — , Mecalux has been at the forefront of crafting storage management solutions that best facilitate both international and national business initiatives. Mecalux estimates that South America will account for more than 25 percent of its total turnover in 2011.

2014 FIFA and the Olimpic Games
Brazil’s revamped image as a serious world economic contender — coupled with its jovial and festive character — has garnered significant attention from international event organizers. Winning bids for the 2014 FIFA World Cup and 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro represent a sizeable investment in the country’s infrastructure. Over the next five to six years, resources will go toward projects on roads, ports, airports, public transit systems and stadiums in preparation for the world's two largest sporting events. As the country braces for the surge of business and job expansion brought on by these international sporting events, Mecalux is positioned to fully support the industries that will build Brazil’s lasting legacy.

Selective, Drive-in and integrated systems
Brazil has proven to be rife with industries waiting to be optimized by Mecalux. The warehouse solutions Mecalux provides run the gamut to a wide array of industries throughout the country: wholesale, food and beverage, textile, construction, pharmaceuticals, transport, and international logistics operation services have benefited from the installation of Selective Pallet Rack and the Drive-In Rack systems. However, for Mecalux to continue establishing itself at the forefront of material handling solutions, the challenge becomes engaging its clients in innovative ways of optimizing their ventures. Mecalux seeks to inspire Brazilian businesses to set their sights on the future and integrate automated systems into their logistic operations.

A worldwide success
As the country adjusts to its newfound status as a strategic source for expansion at an international level, Mecalux is seizing the opportunity to venture out into lesser-known territory. The small and medium enterprise sector is currently clearing its own path in the Brazilian economic landscape, and is at the brink of major developments. Seeking to capitalize on this sector’s potential, Mecalux is looking to lead its transition from small and medium-scale operations to large-scale ones by providing integral intralogistics support. As the breadth of Brazil’s achievements continues to broaden at all levels, Mecalux is proud to foster an environment conducive to worldwide success.