Product Spotlight: Cantilevers


An alternative to the common storage
Selective shelving can transform a warehouse’s efficiency and adapt to nearly any floorplan layout, but there are instances in which a unique storage system is the most appropriate. In instances of oddly-shaped goods in need of storage, structural cantilever shelving provides a unique alternative to traditional flat-bottom storage.

From planes to warehouses
While cantilevers have been most notably used in architectural structuring, most famously in Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater project and WWII fighter planes, their simple construction and practicality make them ideal for optimizing storage space when large or bulky items are being handled. Interlake Mecalux engineer Greg Hajdus said, “Cantilevers are best applied everywhere where the storage of long pieces are needed, such as timber, pipes and sheet metal. They are ideal for very long loads of unequal size.” Cantilevers function through a beam anchored at one end, which carries the load to support the extended structure. This allows for overhang without external bracing".

Pipes, sheets, and prifiles
The Mecalux Group’s roll formed and structural cantilevers offer economical designs to suit numerous applications and are ideal when trying to maximize the storage of non-palletized and sheet-type items. Cantilever rack also provides operators easy access to product SKUs through its efficient and sturdy arm construction. Also, since there are no uprights in the aisle, rack stability is greatly increased given that forklift operators cannot knock into a main support.

The rack’s versatility truly makes them ideal. Mecalux cantilever arms are adjustable in 4 inch (10.2 cm) increments on structural models and 3 inch (7.6 cm) increments on rolled form ones, allowing for storage of almost any conceivable item. The accessories offered for cantilevers further heighten their versatility and the accessibility of stored products. Drop-in steel decks can be added, and arm stops and saddles for deck supports can also be installed, increasing the safety and protection of both the product and rack system by preventing products like timber and pipe from rolling off the arms. Cantilevers can also be mounted on to mobile systems for extra storage capacity without limiting direct access to each load stored.

The most secure connection with the higshest capacity
The cantilever’s patented Lok-Joint system is the strongest and safest arm-locking method in the industry, drawing together under loads, creating the industry’s most secure connection, and maximizing total capacity. The locking system engages immediately once an arm is seated within the slot of the upright post but also allows for easy release if adjustments need to be made. The Lok-Joint system’s design also makes it damage-proof and tamper-proof, preventing disengagement during use. Interlake Mecalux roll formed and structural cantilevers can also be utilized in storage situations where seismic conditions need to be addressed.

For longevity, the Mecalux Group’s cantilevers are powder coated to ensure that their aesthetic appearance will withstand the daily wear and tear of loading and unloading, while also allowing them to be displayed in consumer settings. The powder Mecalux uses in its pain process is a mixture of finely ground particles of pigment and resin. Once pieces are coated, they are heated, fusing the paint particles together in a uniformed coating. This results in an extremely high-quality of durability, and since no solvents are used in the process, insignificant amounts of VOCs are released into the atmosphere.

Safety and reliability are two key requirements that should be considered when designing a storage system, and Mecalux cantilevers are not to be undone. Offering the safest arm-to-upright connection in the industry in addition to unmatched storage versatility, the Mecalux Group’s cantilevers are perfect for the storage of unconventionally shaped and sized goods.