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WOK: three new aisles pave the way to further growth


WOK, a renowned Polish manufacturer of cardboard packaging, has once again requested the assistance of Interlake Mecalux in adding on to its warehouse in Brodnica, Poland. Its main objective is to store and organize goods received from its production plant. In recent years, the company has decided to revamp all its manufacturing centers and, in this way, accelerate its expansion into the Polish market.

The 75-foot-tall installation, comprising two 283-foot-long aisles, will be enlarged with the addition of three storage aisles able to accommodate 7,552 pallets. A stacker crane with telescopic forks capable of managing goods in double-deep racks will circulate in each aisle.

A long conveyor system will connect each of the warehouse aisles with the production and dispatch areas. WOK has always been committed to automating its supply chain operations to streamline goods flows, reduce errors and, thus, increase efficiency.

The installation is currently run by Easy WMS, the warehouse management system by Interlake Mecalux.

This WMS will also coordinate and supervise all operations to take place in the future extension: goods receipt, storage and validation; rule- and algorithm-based storage; and dispatch by exit order and destination.

Wiesław Lipiński - Production Manager at WOK
“One of the main challenges we face is guaranteeing the storage and delivery of all the products from the production plant in the shortest possible time — all while optimizing logistics costs and ensuring error-free delivery. Therefore, it was vital for us to have efficient, punctual and flexible deliveries. Thanks to automation and a competitive WMS, we can meet those criteria and, at the same time, minimize losses. The expansion of the warehouse will also help us to improve stock management.”

Easy WMS, the warehouse management system by Interlake Mecalux, runs WOK's installation

About WOK

Headquartered in Brodnica, WOK is a Polish family business specializing in the manufacture of corrugated cardboard boxes and packaging. Since its inception in 1991, it has continuously diversified and broadened its product range. This company is noted for automating all its work processes with the aim of enhancing both productivity and customer service.