Téréva and Mecalux: trust yields a successful outcome


Téréva, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Martin Belaysoud group specializing in the professional supply of products (plumbing, heating, air conditioning, bathroom and electricity) for the construction and renovation sector, has opened a 8.4 acre warehouse in the town of Pusignan (France). Interlake Mecalux has equipped it with three storage systems consisting of picking shelves and pallet and cantilever racking.

The combination of these three types of racks has helped Téréva optimize the surface area of its installation and efficiently manage its goods. Assigning each item to a particular type of system has resulted in more streamlined storage and order-picking tasks, thus achieving increased throughput.

The warehouse has the capacity to accommodate over 23,500 pallets of varying heights. Bulkier and very long items are stored on the cantilever racks. Meanwhile, the order fulfilment area houses 21,700 SKUs on picking shelves. 

Mecalux knew just how to contribute all its experience and expertise during the design phase, establishing a relationship that has enabled us to work with complete confidence. The solutions it proposed fully meet our needs and perfectly adapt to our operations. Mecalux was also extremely receptive during the installation and assembly stages, completing them on schedule.

Philippe Garde, Logistics Manager at Téréva

Thanks to the excellent relationship between the Martin Belaysoud group and Mecalux, a new 7.7 acre installation with similar characteristics is currently being built for Téréva in the French city of Brive-la-Gaillarde.

Téréva: B2B professional distributor

Founded in 1829, the Martin Belaysoud group specializes in the supply of materials for the construction and industry sectors. It is comprised of six subsidiaries, among them, Téréva, an expert in bathroom, air conditioning and heating products. The group employs 2,500 people and boasts more than 60,000 customers. Its annual turnover (930 million dollars in 2019) has not stopped growing; it increased by 7.5% in 2019 and has risen by 83% over the last ten years.

Téréva's warehouse in France has a capacity for over 23,500 pallets