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Pallet Shuttle system and Easy WMS in the Nicopan warehouse in Spain


Interlake Mecalux is equipping Nicopan’s new logistics center with the semi-automatic Pallet Shuttle system and the Easy WMS warehouse management system (WMS). Nicopan manufactures and distributes pastries and baked products, and is based out of Granada (Spain). The warehouse will have a single user-interface to run both the WMS and the Pallet Shuttle system.

The Nicopan warehouse with the Pallet Shuttle system and Easy WMS

The Nicopan logistics center will be divided into five chambers, each with a different function:

  • Two for raw materials.
  • Two for finished products from the manufacturing centre.
  • One for cardboard boxes and packaging.

The five chambers will be equipped with blocks of rack fitted with Interlake Mecalux’s semi-automatic Pallet Shuttle system. The rack dimensions will be adapted to those of the chambers, so they will range between five and thirteen pallets in depth. This storage solution includes a shuttle that moves the pallets from the first position on the racks to the first open location in the channels.

WMS & Pallet Shuttle Integration

Operators will be equipped with a Wi-Fi enabled tablet from which they can operate any shuttle in the installation and control the WMS. Easy WMS guides the operators at all times, by displaying the movements they must carry out on the tablet.

In addition to carrying out the storage tasks using the Pallet Shuttle, this software incorporates several functionalities, such as the option to easily modify the distribution of the warehouse, to check the status of the shuttles, manage the goods by either the FIFO or LIFO principle, and even manage users and authorized personnel.

Nicopan: pastries and bread

Nicopan was created in 2014 from a family business founded in the 1960s. In addition to bread, the factory makes other pastry and baked products.