Interlake Mecalux will equip new warehouse with electrical material of TecnoRed in Chile


TecnoRed, a company specialized in service provision and the sale of electrical materials, will inaugurate a new 56,510 ft2 distribution center in the Chilean city of Valparaíso. Interlake Mecalux will equip it with various storage solutions, enabling the company to store all its items, ready to be distributed to its customers.

The company manages around 4,000 SKUs of different characteristics, dimensions, and rotations. With this in mind, Interlake Mecalux will set up pallet racks with a storage capacity for 2,620 39" x 48" unit loads, shelving for picking with walkways that will create a three-floor storage area and racks adapted to hold reels.

Omar Quiroga Cortés - Assistant Manager of Logistics
“Mecalux gave us advice based on our operations, the flow of goods, and our customers’ needs. We enjoy several advantages thanks to Mecalux’s storage solutions, including peace of mind and the guarantee offered by a reputable market brand, as well as a very competitive price-quality ratio. Plus, we have achieved very good results with Mecalux racks installed in other logistics centers.”

TecnoRed, a company specialised in service provision and the sale of electrical materialsAbout TecnoRed

For more than 23 years, TecnoRed has been the market leader in power distribution materials in Chile. With this extensive experience under its belt, today it continues to sell electrical materials through its brand Elexor. Additionally, it installs self-generated energy systems as part of its power generation services distributed throughout the country. TecnoRed has grown steadily since its founding, and the company has included new business lines. For example, things like electrical works construction and generation, or other general services offered to its customers.